Zimbabwe Universities and Colleges

Following last week’s article on The Top High Schools In Zimbabwe, I decided to post information on colleges and universities in Zimbabwe as well.

Zimbabwean colleges and universities offer certificates, diplomas, high national diplomas, undergraduate degrees and post graduate studies. These include bachelors, honors, master, doctorate degrees, post graduate certificates etc. Minimum entry requirements to colleges and universities in depend on the specific programme, but generally includes A’ level pass, O’ level pass, previous certificates and work experience. Application forms are normally accompanied by an application fees.

Colleges and universities do not have enough accommodation to cater for all the students hence most students stay out of campus. Although the government offer loans to students, scholarships and grants are limited. Students have to source funds for tuition, accommodation, food and overall needs.

More information on the colleges and training institutions can be found on institution’s websites or from the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education.

Here is the list of universities, location and private/state run; followed by lists of other colleges.

National Universities

  1. Africa University (AU), Mutare, Private.
  2. Bindura University of Science Education, Bindura (BUSE), State.
  3. Catholic University in Zimbabwe  (CUZ), Harare, Private.
  4. Chinhoyi University of Technology (CUT), Chinhoyi, State.
  5. Great Zimbabwe University (GZU) [formerly Masvingo State University], Masvingo, State.
  6. Gwanda State University, Gwanda, State
  7. Harare Institute of Technology (HIT), Harare, State.
  8. Lupane State University, Lupane (LSU), State.
  9. Midlands State University (MSU), Gweru, State.
  10. National University of Science and Technology (NUST), Bulawayo, State.
  11. Reformed Church University (RCU), Masvingo, Private.
  12. Solusi University, Bulawayo (SU), Private.
  13. University of Zimbabwe (UZ), Harare, State.
  14. Women’s University in Africa (WUA), Harare, Private.
  15. Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU), Harare with centres in every province, State.
  16. Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University (ZEGU), Harare, Private.

Primary School Teacher’s Colleges

  • Bondolfi (Private), Masvingo
  • Joshua Nkomo, Gwanda
  • Marymount, Mutare
  • Masvingo, Masvingo
  • Morgan, Harare
  • Morgenster (Private), Masvingo
  • Nyadire (Private), Mutoko
  • Seke, Chitugnwiza
  • United College of Education (UCE), Bulawayo
  • Mkoba, Gweru
  • Madziwa, Shamva

 Secondary School Teacher’s Colleges

  • Belvedere, Harare
  • Hillside, Bulawayo
  • Mutare, Mutare

Government Polytechnic Colleges

  • Bulawayo Poly
  • Gweru Poly
  • Harare Poly
  • Joshua Mqabuko Nkomo, Gwanda
  • Kushinga Phikelala Poly, Marondera
  • Kwekwe Poly
  • Masvingo Poly
  • Mutare Poly

There are other also other international universities and colleges operation in Zimbabwe, hundreds of private technical colleges, government and private industrial training centres.  Professional boards offer professional training and certifications. Most government parastatal organisations and other private companies run their own training centres for their staff.

Before applying to study at any institution one must make sure that the college is registered by the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education and that its course or programmes are accredited. This can save you a lot of time and money.

Please list below any additional good college or university, whether it is in or outside Zimbabwe.

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  1. I notice Mkoba and Madziwa teachers colleges are missing from the list.

    1. Thank you Tinashe. I have added them.

    2. Brian Moyo says: Reply

      Do you think you could come up with the number of students for each institution

  2. Tambaoga Shirichena says: Reply

    A good report showing the nature and status of universities and tertiary institutions of higher education in Zimbabwe. Keep on highlighting such scholarly information.

    1. Thank you Tambaoga for your support.

  3. fungai Muzambi says: Reply

    Thank you for the informative report. Please help me with a list of good – top 20 primary schools in Harare be it Private or government. Your assistance will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Fungai, primary schools are so many. I do not have an updated list yet. Next time I will include primary schools.

      Thank you.

  4. Beauty Ndlovu says: Reply

    Is there a specific time to enrol in Teaching colleges and where can I get the applications form?

    1. Is it possible apply a vacant online at mutare ploy, gweru polytech and Harare ploy.

      1. Hi Trinity,

        Most universities and colleges in Zimbabwe do not have online application facilities, except I believe MSU.

        To contact the relevant colleges, you can search the phone numbers from Telone Zimbabwe telephone directory at http://www.telone.co.zw/. The colleges will advise you whether they have online application facilities.

        Have a great day.

    2. Hi Beauty,

      There is an application period per college.

      To contact the relevant colleges, you can search the phone numbers from Telone Zimbabwe telephone directory at http://www.telone.co.zw/. The colleges will advise you when they open and close applications.

      Have a great day.

  5. godwin nyarugwe says: Reply

    Hellow Taka, Can you furnish me with the official webpage for Morgan Zintec college?

  6. Owen zvobwo says: Reply

    This is excellent, thanks for posting. There are also very excellent agricultural colleges and research centres that carry out world class research better than some universities e.g Gwebi, Chibero agric college, Blackfordby college in Mazowe, Handerson research station to mention only a few. I think we are well endowed in education.

  7. Thanks for the info. You left one big renown private college, ZIMBABWE SCHOOL OF MINES!

  8. Thank you very much for the info! Can you also help with the nursing schools in Zim?

  9. I am in namibia. Where can I get the application form for Mutare teachers college?

  10. Ncedo Mncedisi Ndlovu says: Reply

    You left Gwanda State University.

  11. Thanks for the info…can u help with postal addresses

  12. Emmanuel Mncwabe says: Reply

    Hi I’m from Durban RSA willing to study in ZIM. What is it that I should to in order to be accepted,and which papers are required to be a legal student. What is the Rand Dollar exchange rate on tuition fees

  13. I wanted to register for a course at inspiration college in Harare formally known as innov8 but I noticed it was among the deregistered colleges is it one in the same or its operating independent of innov8

    1. Hie. I want to do a Btech in automotive engineering. I am in Cape Town but want to do it full time in Zimbabwe. I got a certificate in motor mechanics and years of hands on experience. Help me with the enrollment processes and at wat college. Thank u

  14. Thanks for the info.

  15. Hie, can u furnish me with the undergraduate fees for commercial degrees @ Lupane state university as of 2014.

  16. Allen Lensoman says: Reply

    Quite impressing to read this than sleeping!

  17. Hello Taka,

    Can you furnish me with the official webpage for Morgan Zintec college? Were I can find all their details and courses on offer.

    Thank You


    1. Morgan Zintec college does not have a website at the moment. Please consult the Telone telephone directory in order to get their telephone numbers.

  18. KAPOKA BRIGHTON says: Reply

    We also need to know the credibility of all these institutions. Help me on my email, kapoka14points@gmail.com.

    1. Brighton, contact the relevant colleges, you can search the phone numbers from Telone Zimbabwe telephone directory at http://www.telone.co.zw/.

  19. maxwell makosa says: Reply

    I am proud of being of being a Madziwa Student

  20. I want to be a secondary teacher, but I am not aware of the intake dates and how to apply, also which college will be good to apply

    1. Kudzai, contact them and requesting their prospectus. To contact the relevant colleges, you can search the phone numbers from Telone Zimbabwe telephone directory at http://www.telone.co.zw/.

  21. I want to be a primary teacher, but I don’t know which colleges I can apply to.

    1. Jane, you can start by contacting them and requesting their prospectus.

  22. May I have the logo for Bondolfi Teacher’s College. Thanks in advance.

    1. Hi Albert,

      We could not find one. Please contact the college or current students.

      Thank you.

  23. Can you pliz help me. Which programme is betah on social sciences?

  24. Hey Taka. What are the requirements 4 one 2 be a secondary school teacher?

  25. Mr Emittay S says: Reply

    Its quite good and very lucrative site. Keep updating people with a very special info.

    1. Thank you Emittay.

  26. hie,,,,,,,,have you heard of Manicaland college of applied science in Mutare it is also an upcoming university being baby sited by Midlands State University………Could you please add it on the list of universities in Zimbabwe ….Thanks

  27. Temba Sibanda says: Reply

    Hie. Anyone with knowledge of vacant post back home for lecturers’ posts at one of the universities or colleges. Majored in sociology of education. Currently a PhD student with the University of Pretoria- to start 2016. Willing to relocate.

    1. Hi Temba, I will pass the word around.

  28. Anyone with information about UEC for primary teachers in byo,what are requirements needed,Are there need police clearance & medical as well.

    1. Hi Witness, This article may have the information you are looking for, http://www.herald.co.zw/policy-shift-leaves-thousands-stranded/

  29. Thanx for the info.

    1. Thank you Vita for your support.

  30. Hie guys. Is there anyone with the information about the next intake for Nyadire teachers college?

    1. Hi George.

      I advise you to follow the Nyadire Teacher’s College Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Nyadire-Teachers-College-985265851486797/?ref=br_rs

      The administrator put a lot of effort to get followers informed. You can send him a message. He seems to have relevant details.


  31. Thnx at lot Taka for the infor.

  32. Hie. Can somebdy hlp me wth the best secondary teachers college in Zimbabwe?

  33. Very good and noble cause Mr Sande, Keep it up and very proud of your patriotism indeed.

  34. Point of modification : WUA is not a State varsity. Its private

    1. Thank you Munya.

      I have corrected the error.

      Do you know who owns the university? I know that the UN is involved.


  35. I am failing to download application form for Gwebi Agricultural College. Please help.

    1. Hi Anesu,

      Their website seems to be down. Just keep trying.


  36. d.z famba says: Reply

    Guys, can l have the website for Blackfordby agriculture college?

    1. The website for Blackfordby Agricultural College is http://www.blackfordby.co.zw/.

  37. Hello Taka, How about the Zimbabwe Institute of Legal Studies.
    Is it a good one? Am planning to apply there.

    1. Hi Serlin, I think it is a genuine institution since it is accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education. .

  38. Which is the best college to study DPF in Zimbabwe.

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