Your Friendships Speak Volumes About You



It takes a great deal of courage to stand up to your enemies, but a great deal more to stand up to your friends.” Richard Harris as Professor Albus Dumbledore in ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.’

You cannot cut out emotions out of relationships, any type of relationship. Our emotions are part of our social fiber and often make a big impact on our daily success. Emotions whether positive or negative tends to influence are judgement. The judgement we desperately need to navigate our course to success.

Therefore relationships of any kind must be managed. It is good to establish the limits, purpose and dynamics, if possible, before emotions get into it. Nevertheless constant monitoring will save your from potential damage and loss.

Relationship Management

Sit down and take time to analyse your friends or connections. Rank them in order of how you benefit and the dynamics around them. Get rid of some at the bottom, and add some excellent ones who add value. The bottom ones are the negative people who are good at exposing your weaknesses, and threaten your purpose, values, character etc. They are more of a social liability than asset. Normally it’s their character rather than their personally that would clashes with you.

When you draw people away from you, do it wisely and diplomatically knowing that you may need them in future. Friendships are seasonal. Some are short-term, others long-term, and others are life friends. Some work better at a distant, others closer.

Constantly Lookout For New Friends

Constantly be on the lookout for ‘stars’ to add on to your list. And do not forget to take good care of these stars. Remember that it’s not just a matter of‘chemistry’ but also trust. Trust must not be broken because it is tied to your integrity. It is foolish to ‘use’ people. They always come around. People who use others are selfish, short sighted and greedy, and this is NOT the hallmark of successful people. A win-loss situation is risky and creates a potential disaster. Always aim for a win-win situation, building trust and long term relationships. Mutual beneficiary brings stability.

Types Of Friends

There are different types of Connections or friends. For example;

1)      In terms of circles. There are inner circle friends, and outer circle friends. Inner circle friends are closer and confidential. So, be careful with people you put in your inner circle.

2)      In terms of character. There are green; nice, honest friends. And there are also the red; dangerous, unreliable ‘devils,’ who consistently give you a headache. There are also the dark, spooky one or those with questionable characters which you may never understand even after so many years together.

Put each one in the right category. Some are worth dying for, whilst others are not worth a ‘dime.’ Seek mutual level of commitment.

Remember you cannot be a friend of everyone, and you are not expected to trust everyone.

Have a great weekend.

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