When Opportunity Knocks

Have you ever seen people who get one opportunity after another? And it seems everything they do succeeds. On the other have you have seen people who also get opportunities frequently but each time nothing materialises.

There are many types of opportunities and they come to people at different times in life. It is true that ‘time and chance happen to all.

Some opportunities are small and lead to bigger ones, and others are just small. Other opportunities are huge and can produce overwhelming effects. Yet some just look big but are actually small.

Windows of opportunities open for different durations, hence some opportunities open for a split second and then close indefinitely. Others remain open for months or even years. Some opportunities are recurrent, and keep coming again and again. Some opportunities can come back but they will be a bit different.

Opportunities are person specific. This mean that what is an opportunity to you may not be an opportunity to the next person, because we are all different. We have different perceptions, different temperaments, different skills and gifting and our current environments are different.

Now, many opportunities got missed for many reasons. At times you are busy, at times you cannot see them, at times you think the window of opportunity will remain open until it’s too late. You cannot see some opportunities because you expect them to come in a specific form. That’s why it is said ‘Sometimes we are limited more by attitude than by opportunities.

Many people have squandered opportunities and are now crying for another chance. When the opportunity comes again some can regain and even do better. On the other hand some will still miss it.

It is a true statement that ‘Opportunities favours the prepared.’ When preparing for an opportunity;

  • Get the right mindset and attitude; renew your mind and think out of the box. ‘Get rid of the box altogether,’ said one of my friends. The mindset makes you identify an opportunity. A bad attitude or mindset creates a blind spot that hides the opportunity.
  • Get the skills and knowledge. Improve yourself. It positions you above others and makes you ready to receive. It also makes you visible in the realm of that opportunity, for example if you are a qualified doctor you will be visible in the medical field, and not in the accounting field
  • Get the right associations and avoid offending people. You will need them one day. Join professional bodies and institutions that are the custodians of the opportunities that you want.
  • Get the resources ready. It takes resources to execute an opportunity. Have your financial and non-financial resources ready. Avoid getting into debt or being involved in wrong deals that will bind you to negativity.

Finally, an ordinary person reacts. He waits for problems to come before he responds . He waits for the opportunity to knock at his door so that he can open. Now a person with a billionaire mindset is proactive. He analyse possible risk and put in place mitigation measures. He goes out and turns situations into opportunities. He is able to persuade an opportunity knocking next door to come through his door. He knows that by the time the opportunity knocks on your door it will probably too late.

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