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This article is one article that can change your present life for ever. It can actually change your children and your children’s children for generations. The ability to clearly understand these concepts and apply them effectively is a matter of do or die, life or death, sink or swim. You will see that your need for cash is just a small piece of the multifaceted puzzle. There are critical things that your need to put in place first. And if done, money will flow to you will less effort.

You Inherited Many Things From Your Forefathers (Mothers)

First of all you have to understand that we inherited many things from our forefathers (mothers). Some are tangible and some are not. Some are good and some are not so good. You cannot choose what to inherit or not to inherit. It is part of your make up. It is an integral part of your purpose and calling. But you can choose which inheritance to live with.

We inherit:

  • Spiritual heritage – The spiritual wealth from their engagements.
  • Physical heritage – These are material assets
  • Biological heritage – DNA, health
  • Behavioural /cultural heritage – Habits, systems

Inheritance Flows Across Generations

These inheritance are usually passed down from one generation to another, hence they are generational. There are generational curses and generational blessings as well. There are generational talents, skills and abilities. There are also generational strengths and generational weaknesses to watch out for.

Now do not despise your surname, where you come from or your totem, because in it there is some inheritance, good or bad. Like they say, do not throw the baby out with the bath water. It is much easier to move forward using the things you inherit than the things you acquire; basing your progress on inheritance is almost effortless. Before you throw out what you inherited from your forefathers, you have to filter out the good stuff and build on that.

The fact that you received no physical material does not mean you received nothing. Actually you have more than you can ever imagine. Physical stuff is just a very small portion of your overall heritage. If you think you have nothing wait until you discover what strengths, talents, skills and abilities you have.

You Also Inherit You Forefathers Harvest

Now to end this, here is an interesting revelation. You do not just inherit what your forefathers had, you also inherit the harvest from their sowing. If you father/mother or grandfather/grandmother sowed a seed, whether good or bad, you are likely to inherit their harvest.

With no effort on your part you will find yourself receiving spiritual, physical, biological, and behavioural harvest from sowing that was done a long time ago. At times it is a good harvest that will propel you forward, making you stand out. If this happens you will hear the elders saying, ‘It is in his blood. One of his great grandfather use to do this ……’ Sometimes it is a bad harvest that will become an embarrassing burden, taking away all that you have worked hard for and discrediting your reputation and that of your loved ones.

Finally, Put More Focus On Your Positive Inheritance

Most people focus on dealing with negative generational inheritance and not on reinforcing the positive that is in plain sight. As you are aware, getting rid of the negative is more difficult than empowering your strengths. Do not allow the negative vibe of your ancestors distract you from seeing and leveraging the blessings which they bestowed on you.

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