What Footprint Are You Making

It's My Footprint

Whatever you do today, good or bad, you do not do it just for yourself. Whatever you choose today, blessing or curse, you do not choose it just for yourself. You also choose it for your children and your children’s children up to the third generation. You choose it for your family, your community and your country. Make it the best choice ever. Your choice today leaves an everlasting footprint. This is ‘Your Footprint.’ This is what remains at the end. After all, what remains at the end is what really matters!

Everyone, including you, is making everlasting footprints by our words, thoughts and actions. It is a true fact that you cannot undo something you have done. You cannot stop time or reverse or reuse time. What is done is done? So in whatever you do better make it your best short.

We are working hard in the extra time with the website. Give us a week for It’s My Footprint to be loaded!

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  1. I couldn’t agree far more with this submission. Properly Stated!

  2. amazing.. many thanks for sharing.

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