The Top High Schools in Zimbabwe

High SchoolsFor decades Zimbabweans have bride themselves as having one of the most effective academic systems in Africa. The 2010 study by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)  reviled that Zimbabwe’s literacy rate is still high at 92%, and the highest in Africa. For those nor familiar, Zimbabwe’s education system consist of 7 years of primary school, 4 years of secondary school and 2 years of high school before students can enter a university.

The affluent families usually send their children to independent private schools as opposed to the public schools which are attended by the majority as these are subsidised by the government.

The ranking below is in terms of academic achievements by Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec) ‎Ordinary and Advanced Levels results. Ordinary Levels pass means getting grades (A-C) and Advanced Levels (grades A-E). Both O and A-Level passes are usually dominated by church-run schools.

Here is the rank Position, Name of School, Location by province, and Candidature.

Advanced Level Schools Ranking

  1. St Faith’s, Manicaland, 92
  2. Shungu, Midlands, 50
  3. Nyanga, Manicaland, 69
  4. St Ignatius, Mashonaland East, 50
  5. Gokomere, Masvingo, 85
  6. St Francis of Assisi, Mashonaland East, 57
  7. St Johns,  Mashonaland East, 51
  8. Zengeza High, Harare, 93
  9. Monte Cassino, Mashonaland East, 50
  10. Marange, Manicaland, 60

Ordinary Level School Ranking

  1.  Nyanga, Manicaland, 92
  2. St Dominics, Mashonaland East, 87
  3. ZRP High, Harare, 115
  4. St Ignatius, Mashonaland East, 79
  5. Kriste Mambo, Manicaland, 111
  6. John Tallach, Bulawayo, 103
  7. Monte Cassino, Mashonaland East, 79
  8. St Davids Bonda, Manicaland, 199
  9. Chikwingwizha, Midlands, 34
  10. St Faith’s, Manicaland, 143
  11. Moleli, Mashonaland West, 126
  12. Bradley, Mashonaland Central, 103
  13. Sandringham, Mashonaland West, 176
  14. Marist Brothers, Bulawayo, 129
  15. Augustine, Manicaland, 173
  16. Hartzell, Manicaland, 191
  17. Anderson, Midlands, 65
  18. Kutama, Mashonaland West, 90
  19. St Francis Assisi, Mashonaland East, 132
  20. Serima, Masvingo, 137
  21. Nyazura, Manicaland, 150
  22. Regina Mundi, Mildands, 146
  23. Gokomere, Masvingo, 236
  24. Daramombe, Mashonaland East, 149
  25. Langham, Mashonaland Central, 110
  26. Mazowe, Mashonaland Central, 151
  27. Marange, Manicaland, 179
  28. Shungu, Midlands, 69
  29. St Anthony’s, Masvingo, 133
  30. St Columbus, Bulawayo, 165
  31. Howard, Mashonaland Central, 189
  32. Marondera, Mashonaland East, 161
  33. Bernard Mzeki, Mashonaland East, 77
  34. St Dominic’s, Manicaland, 234
  35. Mtshabezi, Matebeleland South, 176
  36. St Johns Chikwaka, Mashonaland East, 187
  37. Nyahuni, Mashonaland East, 148
  38. Ruya Adventist, Mashonaland Central, 95
  39. Lundi, Masvingo, 123
  40. Mt St Mary’s, Mashonaland East, 139
  41. St Anne’s Goto, Mashonaland East, 127
  42. Mandedza, Mashonaland East, 141
  43. Nyashanu, Manicaland, 153
  44. Loreto, Midlands, 106
  45. Usher, Matebeleland South, 86
  46. St Patrick’s, Midlands, 165
  47. Pamushana, Masvingo, 216
  48. Pakame, Midlands, 153
  49. Chibi, Masvingo, 121
  50. Goromonzi, Mashonaland East, 185

List provided by The Herald of Wednesday, 07 March 2012.

The positions on the list are not permanent, they change every year. Also note that being a student in these schools is not an automatic pass. One still has to work hard to pass.

These are not the only schools in Zimbabwe. There are thousands of good schools. Perhaps the question that still need to be answered is ‘What is the secret to Zimbabwe’s literacy rate?’

If you have a school that you think deserve to be on this list please list in below, stating the name and the location of the school.

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61 comments on “The Top High Schools in Zimbabwe
  1. Leyton Franklin says:

    Thanks for the info. I would not have seen this printed in any media in North America who always protray Africa countries as negative. Keep the Faith. Leyton

  2. Taka Sande says:

    Thank you Leyton. Africa is rising and its future is brighter!

  3. Wilson Banda says:

    Valuable information despite the fatal English mistakes in your write up.

    Also can you please explain what the meaning of stamping the A+ on a blank paper could be? as depicted at the article heading.

    Incidentally it would be interesting if you could benchmark with other countries to determine if the ranking is in the upper quartile on a continental or let alone regional scale in terms of the pass rates?

  4. Ngonidzashe Mapfumo says:

    Thank you for the info. Can you also please provide info on students who roll out of our universities each year. It would be interesting to find out how many of our brilliant students actually make it to university and how they get funding.

  5. Peter Namupira says:

    Thanks for updating us on this valuable information. We will know where to shop around for our children’s education. Would you also maybe let us know the level of student discipline? Life is not only about reading and writing.

  6. Sundresh Ammigan says:

    I was on the task force in 1988 for The New Structure and Content of Education in Zimbabwe.I forged solid relationship with the private sector like the ZCCI and other firms. Were the recommendations ever been put into practice?

    • Taka Sande says:

      Hi Sundresh, I am not sure about the specific recommendations, but what I can say is that during the 90s there were great changes to the curriculums throughout all grades.

  7. neil bailey says:

    Good news, where is Churchill, Prince Edward, or St Johns all in Harare?

  8. Christopher Muganhu says:

    Thanks Taka for the information. BUT the information provides one side of the story: ZIMSEC exams. What about schools where students write e.g. Cambridge.

    • Taka Sande says:

      You are right Christopher. Cambridge and Oxford exam boards are not covered, but the good thing is Zimsec covers more than 90% of the schools.

  9. PLEASE HELP!!!!!! l am currently in south Africa but need to get to the best school in Zimbabwe but i cant find the right school and l don’t know how l can regester ……i suggested Zengeza,Bradley and Regina Mundi …..please help me choose the best

  10. rura says:

    Thank u so much for this valuable info. How about the latest ranking after last year’s exams. We want to scan around for next year places.

  11. Tsungi says:

    Thanx so much for valuable information, I was battling with a finding better school for my kid…thanx once again…

  12. tendai says:

    Can I have a list of good primary boarding schools that have good results?

  13. TANATSWA says:

    Thank you much for the information it really helps those in search of best schools to go to …..

  14. Lee says:

    Thank you soo much the telone directory and the list are helping me a lot .

  15. fungai says:

    Hi, l understand that perhaps zimsec covers 90% of the schools but this assessment conveys a rather myopical judgement. l suggest you put up a list for private schools that sit for Cambridge examinations or include them in your list in order of their pass rate, this will at least provide a balanced judgement because these “elite” schools are in Zimbabwe.

  16. Paula says:

    Can I have the list for November 2013 exams?

  17. rutendo says:

    Samaringa high school in Mutasa district I just want to know the pass rate.

  18. rutendo says:

    Just want to know the pass rate at samaringa high in mutasa district for 2013 0 level examanitions.

  19. Tendai says:

    Thanx for the information. May you please assist with a list of best primary schools preferably boarding schools. Thanks in advance.

  20. Busi says:

    I think this article is seriously misleading in that the top schools in the country happen to be private schools who in fact write the Cambridge, not Zimsec exams and are therefore not included in these rankings. Maybe you should have been more specific and mentioned the scope so as to provide a more realistic view of performance across the board.

  21. freddy says:

    Zim education is still on top of africa wide .

  22. dee says:

    This ranking is zimsec and not Cambridge I am not against Zimbabwe education system but some of those who would have passed zimsec are not very bright in other matters. Ranking should be at international level and ability to be applicable internationally. Most of these so called students who are said to have passed zimsec when they go to universities struggle for close to six months to catch with the advanced system of learning. Is zimsec relevant internationally?

  23. dee says:

    When they go to universities outside Zimbabwe struggle to catch up for some months.

  24. michelle sithole says:

    Thanks for the info it helps find the best schools.

  25. catherine john says:

    I was not impressed. Gateway is also in top 50.

  26. Emmanuel says:

    Taka, I think you left out Mufakose 1 High school. Mufakose 1 High and Zengeza High are in the same province and Mufakose was named best in Harare, so how come Zengeza is there on the list and Mufakose is missing?

  27. Shelly says:

    Hi guys

    I’m looking for telephone no for Pinewood high in Harare please.

  28. abigail katalino says:

    WOW. These schools are very nice, but do they have good boarding rooms?

  29. Shumirayi Chikombe says:

    Can u plz broadcast this year’s pass rate for Chinhoyi high school coz i cnt find it anywhere? Thanx.

    • Victor says:

      I suggest you define what a good school is first. Is it about good grades, school values, discipline, leadership etc i think there is a lot of good schools that you left, for example Midlands Christian College (MCC) in Gweru is one one of the best schools in Zim and for those looking for a good primary boarding school their primary school MCS (Midlands Christian School) is one of the best, amazing values.

      • Taka Sande says:

        Hi Victor,

        The you for your comments. I really appreciate them.

        This list shows ‘The ranking below is in terms of academic achievements by Zimbabwe School Examinations Council (Zimsec).’ There are many good school in Zimbabwe but according to the Zimsec results, this is the rank.

    • Taka Sande says:

      Hi Shumirayi,

      Check on the ‘The Top High Schools In Zimbabwe – 2013’ at

      The 2014 top schools will be released this week.

      Thank you.

  30. takudzwa says:

    I think ZRP High should have been in the top 10 A level.

  31. Precious says:

    May you please provide Top 100 for 2015 Ordinary Level

  32. Valerie Kabov says:

    The number of spelling, grammar and context/meaning errors in the article is so embarrassingly high so as to disqualify the author from even attempting to comment on quality of education in Zimbabwe.

    • Taka Sande says:

      Thank you for your opinion.
      We believe that freedom of expression is a fundamental right for every human being, and that everyone’s voice should be heard. This is our basis for commending on the ‘quality of education in Zimbabwe.’ ‘Disqualifying’ someone from this basic human right is an infringement of freedom.
      On the same basis mentioned above we will take your comments seriously. Please take note of the following points;
      • The fact that you read the whole article indicates that this article is interesting to you, and also that you got the message being put across. Hence the main purpose of the article and the writer was achieved.
      • Since you picked up errors and inconsistency, why don’t you helps us correct them and discuss them by pointing them to us. Who knows it may help someone. Remember that opinions are debatable.
      • We need editors like you. Actually I suggest that you edit the article are forward it back to us.
      • Finally please give credit to the writer who uses English as the second language to enable the article get to a wider audience, otherwise the article would have been written in vernacular language and reach less people. The writer did a great job.
      As mentioned above, the writers of this blog and editors use English as their second language or third language.
      Again thank you.

      • Tafadzwa says:

        Thanks Taka for that great response. Some people are always so negative and never pick out the good for which something is intended. If they were so brilliant why did they not write this very post on their own than wait to pick out someone’s errors. We are proudly Shona, Ndebele, Venda, Kalanga but above all we are proud to be able to make out a sentence in another language that will be understood by someone who may speak better English than us or may be have another first language that is not English.
        This PHD (Pull Him/Her Down)Syndrome needs to end if we are to make the world a better place.

        Offer to coach the author than to discredit the story based on your perfectionism. Rather focus on the quality of the content. I am looking for a place for my child and this article has given me more insight on Zim education.

  33. J Mugwendere says:

    Which are the best A Level schools ofeering Cbridgr Examinations in Zimbabwe?

  34. Breedon says:

    Hie, Thank you for your valuable info. Please just ignore those negative comments and continue to do your good for the sake of people like us… Ok am a bit shocked I heard that Jameson High attained 100% this same year, so may I have a full list of the A-Level (as of Nov 2012)…Thank you.

  35. Leonard Zheve says:

    Guys, I think the schools on the list are excellent and do not choose other schools besides them.

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