The Top High Schools In Zimbabwe – 2013

Despite having the highest literacy rate in Africa, Zimbabwe is still battling with huge challenges in its’ public education system. This is mainly due to a lack of funds thus causing problems such as deteriorating buildings, lack of supplies and a shortage of resources in general.

The latest economic downturn in the past decade compromised the public education system. This resulted in many schoolchildren temporarily dropping out of school, and teachers leaving the country for greener pastures.

These negative effects have been counterbalanced by the recent massive funding in public education by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the International donor community and the Government of Zimbabwe. This was made possible through the Educational Transition Fund (ETF) and The Basic Education Assistance Module (BEAM).

The worst seems to be over as Zimbabwe’s education is on the way to recovery. Bold steps are being taken to improve the basic education.

The ranking below is in terms of 2013 academic achievements posted on Wikipedia ( Ordinary Levels pass means getting grades (A-C) and Advanced Levels (grades A-E).

Here is the rank Position, Name of School, Candidature and % Pass Rat.

Advanced Level Schools Ranking 

IMFP95 - The Top High Schools in Zimbabwe 2013 a

IMFP95 - The Top High Schools in Zimbabwe 2013 b

Ordinary Level School Ranking

IMFP95 - The Top High Schools in Zimbabwe 2013 c

IMFP95 - The Top High Schools in Zimbabwe 2013 dWe trust that this list will guide you in making a better decision for your loved ones.

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9 Replies to “The Top High Schools In Zimbabwe – 2013”

  1. Disappointed that Sakubva High School is no where to be seen.

    1. Hi Lyndon, Seasons change. Who knows where it will be in a few years time.

  2. Sakubva yedu handisi kuiona apa. It used to be an A’level power house. Ndaona Dominic & girls high.

    1. Massett, Ichadzoka zvayo with time.

  3. Hie Sir, So which one do you recommend kids to attend.

    1. Choose any school. Also consider the moral values being taught at the schools.

  4. Hahaha! Neamakonde High School, not bad considering that its a group B School,,,

    1. Surprisingly many Group B schools perform better than expected.

  5. Examinations Office says: Reply

    Thanks TK.

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