The Secret to Turning Your Dream into Reality

The Secret to Turning Your into Reality


Everyone has a dream, I mean big dreams. Since you were a kid you have had dreams. You see yourself one day being this or that. With all the super dreams that we have and are constantly working on, how come only a few people live to live their dreams? How come one gets an idea and he can see himself at the top, but after few weeks or months the dream just fades away? At time the dreams become nightmares haunting day and night.

What many people cannot or do not do is to translate the dream into achievable goals. Unless a dream is translated into goals, it remains a fantasy. Unless the goals are specific, achievable, relevant, timely and measurable the dream will turn into a nightmare. If you do not put enough resources (finance, human and time) to complete the dream you will have a half-baked cake.

Goals provide you with a direction to your dream. You will use that as a measure of your achievements. Completing all the goals successfully means you have attained your dream. Goals tell you what you are going to do, when you are going to do it and how you are going to do it. They spell out the steps that must be taken to attain the dream.

And goals are reinforced by values and beliefs. Values guide behavior by creating boundaries for our actions. They set the right environment for the goals and vision. This in turn will keep us on track to our dream. Some of the values include; honesty, integrity, loyalty, dedication, responsibility and accountability.

Whatever dream you have today, make it a vision. Set goals and values that guide your behavior to your dream and hold you accountable.

You may have to analyse yourself and determine your core competencies, the key skills that are essential to fulfilling the dream. What skills do you need to move from where you are to your dream? What is your plan to develop these new skills? Whatever is inadequate; create a learning plan and professional development program for yourself.


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