‘The Reasons Why You Won’t Succeed!’



I recently got hold of this Mentorship program graduation letter. I hope you will enjoy it.

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Truth being told, some of you will not make it. Here are some of the reasons why;

Lack of discipline;

You will not make it because you lack discipline. You just do what you want, the way you want to, instead of doing what must be done. You take on whatever comes. You do not want to endure pain or sacrifice today and that prevents you from reaping tomorrow. You eat, spend and behave without control.


You will not succeed because you are lazy. You do not want to work for things. You spend all your free time on TV and wake up late. You always take the route that has the minimum effort at the expense of what you want top achieve. Hence, you will achieve nothing that you dream. You avoid working or studying into late hours. Neither do you spend one hour in prayer or studying the Bible by yourself. A number of people have said to you ‘you are lazy’ and you got offended, instead of reforming yourself. Your laziness will take you nowhere.

Wrong Friendships;

Because you team up with the wrong people, all your efforts to advance yourself are being drained. You hang out with losers all the time. You spend time with negative people who you really know are going nowhere in life. You hang out with them because you ‘want to have fun,’ but that fun is coming at the expense of your dream. It will turn your dream into a nightmare.

Because of your associates, you have settled for a mediocre life, hurting inside and fitting in with the lost. Your desire to stand out, to speak out and be above has been quenched. This is another reason you will not make it.

Lack of applied wisdom;

You have heard and have been taught a lot, but you still have applied little of what you learned. You just talk but take no action. You like talking about success , you enjoy motivational talk, but never enter the playing field. Remember you cannot score a goal whilst sitting on the bench. Your lack of applied wisdom is taking you nowhere. You have been preached to and bombarded with sermons but you remain unchanged, with no faith at all.

No Serious Planning;

You have no plan. No three months plan, no six months plan, no one year plan, not three year or ten year plan. You have ‘pipe dreams,’ lots of them, but lack concrete laid down steps on how to get there. Because you have no written plan to implement, you will not make it.

Lack of Consistence;

Today you do this, tomorrow you move on to that. Today you call yourself this, tomorrow you call yourself that. You are quick to start, but never finish. When things get tough, your ‘favourite door is the exit door; you quit! You won’t succeed if you keeping quitting on your dreams. Instead of being humble and seek advice to solve the problem, you become a ‘professional quitter.’ This is why you won’t make it, you avoid challenges by giving up!


With your kind of faith, or lack of prayerfulness, you won’t make it to the top. You have no personal relationship with God. The only time you talk to God is either when you are in church or in trouble. You do not put your opinion before God in prayer. You pray after taking action instead of before any action. You do not take time to listen to Him. You have no clue on what God wants in your life!


Each time you fail or there is a challenge, you quickly blame someone else for your failure, except you. You blame it on your parents, or lack of them. You blame it on your uncle or family members. You always blame the government, the teachers who taught you and the community. Yes, you blame your boss and you company for your misery. You blame your spouse or lack of a spouse. You blame it on your qualification or lack of it, instead of considering the wealth of skills and expertise that you possess. And most times you blame it on God. Do you want his help or to blame him, decide now.

Well, I can go on and on. I will not mention your pride, foolishness, your addictions, your wild passions, but you know why you will not make it. You know what has to change. Unless you change, you are going nowhere.

I wish you the best for your dreams.

Your Life Coach,


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12 Replies to “‘The Reasons Why You Won’t Succeed!’”

  1. samson muzenda says: Reply

    Thats the truth especially laziness which makes us docile.

    1. Thank you Samson. Yes, laziness is like a disease.

  2. So true and helpful as well.

  3. Ndiko kunonzi kubaya dede nomumukanwa!

    1. Thank you Francis. If only people could learn from this.

  4. grace Chidzurira says: Reply

    I’ve learnt a lot. Thank u!

  5. Thanks a lot man.

    1. Thank you Pzee. I really appreciate your support.

  6. Tonderai Chigumbu says: Reply

    What a powerful post it is,i think it was specifically meant for me hey…..surely, prophets and prophecy did not die out with the Old Testament. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  7. Tonderai Chigumbu says: Reply

    This post is not time bound,i always read it on a daily basis.It will not expire nomatter what.

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