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Most Popular Blog Posts


Since January this year, over 75,000 unique people have visited this blog, getting inspiration and wisdom for everyday life. This is amazing indeed because this is what this blog is about.

Thank you again for subscribing to the It’s My Footprint newsletter. Today, as the year is ending, I thought of making a quick blog, taking a look at some of our most popular posts since we started this blog in May 2012.

Here is our twenty most popular blog posts ranked in order of popularity:

20       The Young Entrepreneurs Society (YES) Of Zimbabwe: Entrepreneurs’ Talk

19       It’s My Footprint Scholarship Guide 2013

18       What I Learned From Skydiving

17       The Secret in Time

16       Everyone Has A Seed!

15       Help! Give Me The Solution Now!

14       It’s Just A Season Of Life!

13       If You Are In College You Must Read This!

12       Interview: Doctor Innocent Chirisa – An Academic Rising to International Significance

11       My Story; How I Came To Christ

10       What is The Story Book of Your Life?

9          If ‘Nothing is Perfect,’ So What?

8          Essentials of Successful Life – Navigate day by day

7          ‘The Reasons Why You Won’t Succeed!’

6          Taking Back Your Happiness

5          Essentials of Successful Life: Have a Crystal Clear Plan

4          Zimbabwe Universities and Colleges

3          Interview: Arnold Chizunza – A Vibrant Multimedia Consultant

2          The Top High Schools in Zimbabwe

1          Nothing Is Perfect!

We have already lined up some amazing blogs to get you started with the new year.

We wish you a prosperous 2014.

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