The Message You Were Born to Speak.

The Message You Were Born to Speak.


Seven billion people! Yes! This is the population of the whole world.

Image yourself standing in front of the whole world. And you have been given a chance to speak. What will you speak about? How will you speak?

What will you tell seven billion people to do? What will you tell them not to do? I guess this will be the message you were born to speak.

We all have a message. A message we were born to speak. Yes! You! Most of us are not pros at speaking, but deep down in our hearts we all have a voice wanting to shout out a message. A message we want to go out there. It can be a message of hope or profound wisdom or deep knowledge that you have or even a story.

We express this message by the things we do or choose not to do. This message can be expressed in our work, our words, our actions and our thoughts.

Ask yourself ‘What is the message I was born to speak?’ And when you find it, do not stop speaking.

Dear brothers and sisters, you are not meant to be silent. You have a word, a message you were born to speak, to speak with your voice, to speak with your gifts and talents. You all have treasure in you. Awesome treasures to display to the world. This is the message people read through your life.

Have a great day.

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