The Land in Between

It is easier to start than to finish. Many people start, get into the game but only a few finish the race strong. This applies to business, marriage, and many other projects.

They got excited when they departed Egypt. With miracles happening day by day this looked like the perfect journey, a journey that will be remembered forever. Yes it was, but none of them reached the destination. Why?

There is a land between the vision and reaching the promise, a land that has swallowed many dreams and visions, but remains hungry for more.

The land in between is like a burial ground. Only a few come out alive. It is the ultimate test of your commitment and dedication.

In the land in between there is silence, barrenness and no life. It is a dark season where you meet storm after storm. The resistance to your dream keeps increasing and the temptation to quit grows each day.

The land in between is a refining process that grinds you and your dream. Your patience will run out. Your future will get darker, as you get tired.

In the land in between you will definitely question yourself, your abilities, your vision and you purpose. It is a dry lonely place. From your own eyes the land in between looks vast and unending. It goes on as far as your eyes can see.

In this season you will find yourself with few supporters to cheer you or stand with you. If someone stands with you in the land between, that person is either crazy or truly understand your vision. That person who still believes in you in the land between is priceless.

All great people crossed the land in between. In every successful person’s story you will find a portion of the land in between. Sometimes it’s short, sometimes it’s a long season.

The purpose of life is not to have an easy life, but an overcoming life.

As you approach the promised land, you will see that there are still giants confronting you. This means that you have to see beyond the giants. You have to focus on the fruits in the promised land. Those who saw the fruits lived, those who saw the giants died. What do you see?

The giants are usually not in the wilderness, in the land in between. They are always in the promised land, sitting right next to your reward. Focus on the prize not the giants. The greater the giants, the greater the reward. The bigger the risk the bigger the return.

The purpose of life is not to have an easy life, but an overcoming life. That’s why the end of each battle seems to trigger the next battle. And when your finally reach the mountain top you will discover that there are still many more mountains to climb.

This is our life, to have victory after victory. If you keep on going forward, you will keep getting stronger and stronger.

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