Spiritual Renovation: A call to Spiritual Serendipities

By Daniel Paul

When something is calling for a renovation it is more or likely to have lost its original state or lose its taste. For instance, a house may be built in 2017 with a state of the art ceiling and after a long time the ceiling may lose its state-of-the-artiness due to introductions of more avant-garde ceilings that are competent to new age. The other thing is the ceiling may require renovations because of damages subjected to such things as bad weather. In all this we can learn that the renovations to the ceiling are preceded by a loss in a taste of originality.

In human beings renovations are also necessary. When Adam and Eve sinned against the Lord, they spiritually lost their state of the art living. Having to notice that they were naked and needed something to cover up their nakedness was an adequate call to spiritual renovation. In the first estate, the two knew not of their nakedness because of the glory of the Lord that covered them until they drifted away from the statute that binds them not to eat the fruits of the forbidden tree (Genesis 3). Since the ways of the Lord are just, and to the two inhabitants of Eden-the beautiful garden of the Lord, the statute stated that, “…for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” They of course did not grasp the veracity of the law as it was given until a curse was pronounced vehemently upon them on the day they ate of this tree.

The curse did not only come as the Living God had put unto them in the law for surely these two knew not of what is dying for they had never anytime experienced it in any way other than through information. The curse was a complete alienation from the Lord, the beautiful garden, and close reparation of sin which foreshowed death both spiritually and physically, a thing never experienced to them.

Throughout the story we learn of how passionately the Lord deals righteously with “His” lawbreakers and how again and again he calls us for his adequate renovation. We can see this in Genesis 2:21 when He the Lord who had earlier on cursed the two lawbreakers, CLOTHING them with coats of skins an illustration that suppresses the fig leaves the two had once made for themselves.

In as much as we are still living and in as much as we err against the Lord day after the other, we need renovation and a covering in the form of coats of skins. The significance bound within these coats of skins points directly to our need for renovation in the form of sacrifice and death of another part. A closer look to this aspect reveals to us that God can go extreme miles in order to cover our destitute in order for us to have a destination worth to celebrate.

God had to sacrifice the life of an animal that had not sinned against him to cover for the sins of the one who had sinned against him. In order words, the animal played a messianic part of reconstructing the state of the art men had lost. This significance was hermeneutically pointing to the true and only Messiah who was to come and liberate the sinful men from the curse and in broad-spectrum refurbish him so that he may be able to go back into the Garden of Eden-the beautiful garden of the Lord and enjoy the once lost good living. To clarify this note we hear from the Holy writs that it was for this reason of renovating man’s life that he had come into the world. (John 1:29b, 10:10b; 17)

Spiritual renovation does not generally take place but, requires a number of things that yield its success. Below I have listed the major aspects that facilitate it.

  1. Admit that you need it.

The reason why many of us still drift upon one thing and fail to progress both physically and spiritually is because we do not want to admit that we need vitalization. Many times a number of people would rather choose to perish in their sins and/or state than admit that they need to be forgiven and make-over again. God is faithful and willing to mend up the brokenness in any part of our lives but will never force anyone to come for reconditioning. It is only until we admit that we need strength of the Lord that he will come to our aid.

  1. Seek for the renovator

Admitting that you need revitalization is not enough. It is only the first stage in the process. You need to go an extra mile and seek the one who is capable of repairing you. God is faithful and ever waiting patiently for our call to service. When we call for him he is able to hear us and quick to attend to our needs. In the book of Jeremiah God said call unto me and I shall hear you (Jeremiah 33:3). The good thing about calling upon the Lord is that he hears us and attends to us immediately, and in the package will show us great and mighty things, things that not even the eye have not ever seen nor the ear ever heard, the things that the heart has never conceived about.

  1. Turn away from wicked ways

Sin and wickedness is an abomination before the Lord. As long as we still live in err with him the latter (Seeking) is all vain. God has never been associated with sin but detests its malodourous. When you admit that you are a sinner the Lord opens his arms to receive you. When you genuinely turn away from them he will then forgive you. 2 Chronicles 7:14 shows us that it is only when we turn away from our crocked ways our invitations for healing reaches heaven and the Lord in his mercy will come down to heal us. In Isaiah 59:2, the prophets Isaiah wrote, “But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and your sins have hid his face from you that he will no hear.”

As we have seen in the case of Adam, we can deduce from the above that sin plays several negative roles in our lives, and these includes;

  1. Separating us from the Lord our God
  2. Hides the face of God from us
  3. Makes us enemies with our God
  4. Blocks the ears of the Lord that He won’t attend to our needs
  5. Brings a curse upon us
  6. Puts enmity between us and God’s creations
  7. Hinders our progress both physically and spiritually
  8. Reproaches us
  9. Weakens our bodies and spirit
  10. Brings death both physical and spiritual death
  11. Causes the glory of God to depart from us
  12. Groans the spirit of God in us.

The list is long and deeply disturbing. As people who want the assistance of the Lord we need to turn away from our sinful nature. We ought to confess our sins before the Lord each day and seek for the forgiveness of the Lord. A confessed sin has no effect as compared to a bottled sin. God is faithful and just to forgive us our sin. Last but not least we must accept the coat of skins.

  1. Accept God’s complete covering

The coat of skins the Lord God made for Adam and Eve was a complete covering and effective as compared to the Fig trees they had sawn. This on its own shows us that our means of trying to cover our shame which comes in many forms such as the fig trees is not adequate and does not last forever. Sin is paid by blood and by an unsinful being. This being plays the role of a ransom price. Accepting the complete covering of the Lord which was and is pointing to Jesus restores the lost inheritance of the beautiful garden of the Lord. The bible in John 1:12 reveal to us that accepting and receiving the covering of the Lord (given in the form of Jesus), gives us the right to become sons of God a stature we had once lost because of sin.

In your spiritual progress and call to renovation accept that you need a covering that lasts forever. God is faithful especially to those who accept that their state does not require any fig tree leaves anymore but requires a complete covering in the form of the Son of the Living God.

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