The Secret to Fulfilling Your Purpose

God is looking for people who will selflessly obey Him.

The thing with us Christians today is that the moment they get what they have been praying for they chuck God out of the equation and from there onwards run the show on their own. The moment they get healed, get promoted, get the baby, get the money, get the spouse, get the gift, get the church e.t.c. they do not stop a bit to ask God what they must do next. They automatically assume that whatever they have received is theirs and can do what they want.

Unfortunately things were not designed to work that way. Everything you have received is not yours and you have to be accountable for it.

Imagine if all Christians can stop for a moment to ask God what they must do with what they have – whether spiritual or physical. I believe the worlds’ problems will be solved.

Maybe the people who are supposed to find the AIDS cure or solve poverty are busy somewhere. People who are supposed to get the world born again are busy somewhere else. If every Christian can stop for a moment and ask Gods direction and guidance, the world will never be the same again.

I believe that one day of obedience can turn the world around for ever. The Israelites kept getting into circles of trouble because of recurring disobedience.

That’s why the Bible says, ‘obedience is better than sacrifice.’ No matter how much you pray or do good, if it is not in obedience then it counts to nothing. No matter how high your speed is, if you are heading in the wrong direction you will not reach you destination.

And obedience is the key to the blessing [Deuteronomy 28]. Obedience is the key to meet the needs of humanity in the body, soul and spirit!

God bless you!

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