Right Now, Get Your Life Right!

Favor of God

I have just been communicating with a man who was ‘fired’ from his job two months ago. He was supposed to be serving his three months notice at work, but things have changed. The people who ‘fired’ him were fired and they have left the company already. This to me shows the favour of God.

What can we do to attract the favour of God especially when we have been messed things up?

How can you turn your mess into your ministry?

Now, suppose you messed up. Maybe you sinned or have committed a crime or have done something wrong at work or anywhere else. How do you resolve the issue and turn your failure into victory? How can you turn your mess into your ministry?

The first thing to do is to put God on your side. Go before God in confession and repentance, not because he does not know what you have done, of cause he saw you do it. This is rather a sign of admitting and turning away from your faults. So, say all the horrible things to Him and ask for forgiveness.

Make Peace With the People Involved

If there be people involved, go make peace with them. Admit your faults and ask for forgiveness. Make restitution and payback what is due.

Now, when you have done this, it brings the blessing of God back in operation over, in and around you, such that at times when you go back to the people who you have offended or done wrong to, they may surprisingly look at you with favour.

A Blessed Person Is Unpunishable

I mean, punishing a person who has the blessing of God operating on him turns things around. The punishment will be turned into a blessing. They may even end up noticing your hard work, faithfulness or responsibility and start to wonder why they did not promote you long ago. The punishment turns into a parade. You cannot bury or suppress the blessing of God. It always pops out and become visible, no matter what.

A person with God’s favour always rises up in any season of life. Some will wonder why he does not dry up in dry season. It’s because he is connected to a bigger source. The environment around him is not his source.

The Wrong Way

Let’s look at the opposite for a while. When you do something wrong and decide to bury it, after sometime it starts to smell and attract all sorts of bad things. The more things you bury, the stronger the smell generated. God’s presence and blessing eventually leaves. This creates an environment that Satan and his team enjoy operation in. The results, of cause will be devastating; the curse!

David And Saul In The Bible

King David in the Bible tried it and caused great loss to himself and his loved ones. It is only when he confessed and repented of all his horrible things to God that things got turned around for good. Actually he was restored back to be ‘a man after God’s heart.’

On the contrary King Saul continued to bury one evil issue after another. Eventually it became his downfall. And all that God had purposed to do was transferred to someone else.


Sorting things with God and making peace with Him puts you back on track to achieve your purpose. Remember your purpose is in your hands. Do you want it to be transferred to someone else? And if this happens your life may have to be retired, that is, death! This how serious God takes your purpose in His plan. He wants things done.

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Have a pleasant weekend.

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  1. Ti Chitsinde says: Reply

    Insightful. So often we start off with the wrong mindset and then wonder why things are a mess…

    1. Thank you Tich. I appreciate your support.

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