Do You Really Need Education to Succeed?

In the previous post (Are you Finding Value in your Education?) we spend some time getting an understanding of what education is. We will continue in this post with more thoughts on the value of education.

There are levels of economic status; desperate poverty, lower, middle, high and super rich. It is a fact that the higher your educational level, the high your economic status. Your education might be from formal or informal systems. The majority use the formal system since it is more organised for the learning process.

Here are some points to think through if you are wondering if you really need education to succeed? We will start by focusing on wealth people before focusing on you.

Point One: Please note that there are more millionaires who went to college and have tertiary education than those who did not. For this reason uncolleged millionaires are celebrated more because they did not have the advantage of formal tertiary education. They are celebrated because they took the uncommon path of informal education and made it.

Point Two: If you think that these uncolleged millionaires are dumb you are in for a surprise. They are masters in their respective fields. They have studied and are still studying. This means they got educated through apprenticeship and informal education.

Point Three: The same uncolleged millionaires are sending their children to fine colleges. Why, because they do not want their children to go through the difficult road they traveled.

Point Four: Do these wealthy people agree that education is useless? Do they agree that we should close all formal educational institutions to make the world better? I do not think so.

Point Five: Let’s get back to you. If you are really serious about schools and colleges being useless, then it means you will not send your children to school. Your action should reflect what you believe.

Point Six: When you say education is useless, are you saying we are better off if we close all schools and colleges. Are we better off if we cannot read or write? Should we close the schools and colleges in your country, in your city or village or worldwide?

Point Seven: What is the purpose of education? The fact is there are many careers paths out there than the options offered by the formal educational system. So you can never learn everything for you career in school. You have to learn in and out of school. Education tends to offer general skills, and at tertiary level specific skills. Now, how you use the skills and where you use them it’s up to you, and the environment around you.

Point Eight: It’s a fact that a college certificate does not certify you to be rich. It is not meant to do that. It is not written on the certificate, neither do the college professors promise it. So a certificate or qualification is about your ability to meet the minimum requirements to practice in that field.

Point Nine: Skills and knowledge from schools and colleges has to be developed. Yes, graduation is not the end. It is the beginning of practical application and the beginning of development process. This is when apprenticeship process starts, and your informal education will continue.

Point Ten: If you think that education is useless, ask your spouse or close family members. They assisted you financially when you had not made it and some may even be still supporting your financially. You will find out they wish you had more formal education and better skills so that you do not become a burden.

Maybe you are frustrated that your education has not helped you. Remember that in the next village your skills might be on demand. Who know in the next country or next decade these are the skills on demand.

On the other hand perhaps your economy does not provide the financial benefit that you expect from your education and skills. If you change a few things around your skills you will find that your skills have much value than you can imagine.

Educational skills are simply tools. They do not guarantee you success in battle. They are just seeds. So develop your skills and use them creatively.

If you were not good in school, it is not the end of the road. You are good at something. Find it. Like I said before find ways of developing those skills and empower yourself. This may need some money. There are many smart people out there whose parents could not afford to take them further in their career development due to financial constraints. It is a fact of life. Do not get bitter about you situation and get offended. There has to be a way for you. Find it.

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