Mega List of Facebook Book and Author Promotion Groups

Every author needs a platform. It is a fact that book sales increases as the author platform increase.

We have created the longest list of Facebook Book and Author Promotion Groups from which you can use for book promotion and to increase your followers.

If you know a group that is missing just let me know, and if a group on the list shuts down also let me know.

Happy book promotion!

Author Page Like Swapping

All types of Book Promotions

Free and 99c Books Promotions

Only Kindle Books Promotions

Only Kids Books Promotion

Black Author’s Book Promotion

Romance Books Only

Reviews / Review Exchange Groups

Groups for Authors with NO Promotions

Group for Author Services

Christian Writers Groups with No promotions

Extra Facebook Groups

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One Reply to “Mega List of Facebook Book and Author Promotion Groups”

  1. Melanie Quinlan says: Reply

    Thanks for compiling this list. Too bad there are hardly any genere-specific links/groups in this list. I’m sure lot’s of people would have found it helpful if there had been sections for crime/historic novels/ fantasy and sci-fy and so on. Also no LGBT groups.

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