Its Your Friends Its Your Choice Its Your Destiny

Its Your Friends Its Your Choice Its Your Destiny


It is true that you are as good as your friends. So, choose your friends wisely, especially those you spend more time with or talk with much. Even at work. People do not just become friends. You have to be aligned in direction. Your thinking must also line up. It is better to be alone than to be in the company of negative people. You may be saying what about loneliness. To be lonely is not the same thing as being alone. Loneliness is about feelings and mental status. You can have lots of people around you and still feel lonely, and the opposite is true.

As you advance in life, advance with you friends. If you do not, they will go up without you. Please note that if you are behaving foolishly, your buddies may not be. And one day you will be saying, ‘We used to play together with that Chief Executive Officer.’

When you are in school you all wear the same uniform and look cute. When you are young in your family, you cannot imagine your brother in jail or your sister in prostitution, and worse yourself in that situation, but as we grow our paths tends to change.

When your friends go upwards, that is, get promoted or goes to varsity and you are left, what happens? For example, Kelvin quickly finds new friends who also did not manage to get promoted so as to sooth himself. Soon Samuel at the new level finds new friends at that level and drop Kelvin out completely. What has just happened? Kelvin yielded to the pressure of a set back and adjusted himself to a lower standard. Instead Kelvin could have involved Samuel to make wiser decisions (or ask for advice) so that he can also upgrade his life as well.

Stop blaming you parents, stop blaming the government, stop blaming anybody! You are not a baby. If you think that your parents made wrong moves, what you yourself have you done to make things better. If you are over 18 years old you are now responsible for your life and cannot blame anyone for your life. Do yourself a favour. Make things right now.

“Make wise decisions today in order to secure your future tomorrow!” Every day you make thousands of choices. Each choice you make today is not just for you, it is for your children and your children’s children. You will be remembered by results of these choices! The friendships you make today are not just for you, they affect your children and your children’s children. As you navigate life, choose wisely each time.

Have a great day!

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