It’s Time to Face Your Giants

You did not choose to be abused but unfortunately it becomes your responsibility to deal with it. It is painful to know this.

It is unfortunate that the offender who you feel is responsible is not going to come and fix things. You journey towards the life you so desperately desire begins when you look at God and say, ‘Here I am. Help me work through this.’ Allow God to help you with your sexuality.

The world is not perfect, and your parents and family members cannot protect you from all hurts. Actually in most cases they will also be battling with their own wounds. This becomes a stumbling block in extending their love to you. Your church leaders and society leaders cannot fully protect you as individuals. They have thousands to take care of. The justice system does not provide the restorative justice that you want. They simply punish criminals if they are caught and live you with the wound. You the victim are left with the wounds. You are exposed. The walls of security that you so desire are broken. You are left vulnerable to Satan’s elements and at God’s mercy.

Burying your feelings and disliking your sexuality will not help. Instead it builds up a dangerous reservoir of anger and depression that can harm you, your husband or wife and the people you love.

It is your responsibility to choose what you believe, what help to take, what you expose yourself to in books, movies, etc. Do not continue to sit in dirt. Yes, someone put you there but it’s our choice to stay there. It is your responsibility to choose how to deal with your sexuality and your marriage relationship.

You might be saying to me. ‘I am not responsible for putting myself into this situation.’ Yes, I agree. You are not. But in order to get out, who can be responsible? You are best placed to bring recovery to your own life.

Do not live in denial. Your parents or close family members might have denied that it happened (firstly to protect their own pride), but you cannot continue like that anymore. Look at it. It did not help. The pain will not just go away. Accepting the facts and reality gives the opportunity for God’s power to intervene. It empowers your faith to believe for something better.

Yes, it seems unfair that someone messed up your life and it is you who has to clean up things. But the good thing is you are cleaning ‘your’ own house. It is you who will enjoy the benefits of it.

I encourage you to face your past and deal with it. Seek the relevant help. God wants to walk with you on this. Do not allow the giants of your past to rob you of your great dream.

This time, be bold and shake things up! You cannot stay here for ever.

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