Its My Footprint Scholarship Guide 2013

Yes, It’s My Footprint Scholarship Guide for 2013 is out!

The first part of this article is on ‘How to apply for a scholarship.’ It has a list of website which can give you information on how to apply for scholarships. The second part is a list of scholarship websites according to different categories, in alphabetical order.

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  1. The advice on how to apply for a scholarship can be specific or generic. Visit the links to access the advice.
  2. We do NOT offer scholarships. Do not send me your applications. Visit the websites to see the requirements and application details.
  3. If the closing date has expired, visit the websites again later to check if there are new adverts.
  4. Finding a scholarship may need a lot of effort and patience.
  5. Beware of scholarship scams. Do independent verifications especially before doing any financial transaction.
  6. This article is just advice. I do not guarantee anything.
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How To Apply For A Scholarship

Scholarship Lists

Here are the lists of scholarship websites which advertised the previous years. You can visit them and find out if they are advertising for next year, because most of the do.

These websites are mainly focused on Southern and Eastern Africa, but they cater for most foreign students. The scholarships and grants offered range from High School, undergraduate, masters to doctorate degrees. Enjoy.

Africa Educational Trust, South Africa

Agency for Science and Technology (A*STAR)

Australian Development Scholarship Program (ADS)

Beit Trust Scholarships, Southern Africa

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program

Boren Scholarship

Canon Collins Trust, UK and Southern Africa Scholarships

Canon Collins Scholarships for Postgraduate Study in South Africa

CFHI Sscholarships

Clutton-Brock Scholarship For Zimbabwe

East Africans Scholarships

Embassy of France in South Africa

German KAAD Scholarship Program

Graça Machel Scholarships for Women

Hugh And Win Walker Scholarship 2013

Huygens Scholarship Programme

ICCR Scholarships

Japanese Government Scholarship

Joshua Nkomo Scholarships, A Level and University

Leipzig University

Libertas Support Fund

Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund (MMMF)

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology Scholarships

MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program

Molecular And Cell Biology Department Scholarships

National Arts Council applications for funding

National Research Foundation (NRF)

Old Mutual South Africa

Rhodes Scholarship 2013, Southern Africa

University of Sheffield

University Scholarships for South African Students (USSAS)

York University, Canada

Need-Blind AdmissionNote that these universities and colleges use Need-Blind Admission, that is, if you get a place to study you automatically qualify for scholarship.


Harvard University

Princeton University

Yale University

Williams College

Middlebury College

Dartmouth College

Brown University

Amherst College

South African Universities

Stellenbosch University

University of Cape Town

University of Pretoria

University of the Witwatersrand

University of Johannesburg

United Kingdom

The University of Northampton

University of Oxford

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