Are you Finding Value in your Education?

I recently came across a number of articles and people who are saying that education is useless. They give examples of millionaires who did not go to college, and that they personally did not find value in their education. Perhaps their education did not or it has not yet added value to their lives.

I have also come across the statement that says that those who got A grades in school end up working for those who got poor grades. Is this really true? If this is true, how true is it? I am a reader. I have noticed that the statement about A graders working for poor grader is usually mentioned by people trying to market their books or sell some kind of success program. I believe this statement must not be taken as the gospel.

When you market product it is important to make sure that the majority is on your side, and that they like what you say. It is true that the majority did not like school or they feel let down by their education. So it makes sense to put them on your side by discrediting education system. Once you do this they will buy your book or products.

Many of you few let down by your education. What you put in does not balance with the outcome. Let’s apply a bit of common sense and wisdom to this.

Before you say ‘Education is useless’ let us define the term education so that we are all at the same level of understanding. Generally there are three types or levels of education; Primary School, High School, Tertiary education, apprentice training (on the job) and informal education (from the ‘street’ or society).

Primary Education is basic education that makes you literate, that is, to read and write. It also have child psychological development component to it. Is this part of the education useless? Are you better off is you cannot read and write?

Secondary and High School Education is the second and final phase of basic education. It is ‘responsible for the development of the young during their adolescence, the most rapid phase of their physical, mental and emotional growth.’ This level of education does not equip you to be economic productive or give career skills. It’s simply makes you aware of how the world works. Is this part of the education useless? Are you better off without secondary education? This is up to you to answer.

Tertiary Education is the third level of education. It is generally ends in the award of certificates, diplomas or academic degrees at colleges and universities. This education is focused towards specific occupations, giving skill for a person to be economic productive. Is this the part of the education that is useless? Are we better off if we scrap all tertiary education? Again it’s up to you to answer.

Apprenticeship or On-The-Job Training is a system of training a new practitioner of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading). Apprenticeship can be either formal or informal.

Informal Education is learning that occurs outside the formal or structured curriculum. It works through conversation, and the exploration and enlargement of experience. Those who cannot afford formal education, or who fall out of the other formal education end up depending totally on informal education. Since it is unstructured it is cheaper and readily available. It can tend to be difficult to progress due to unsupportive environments.

Besides the financial constraints of our families, people tend to perform better in certain types of education. Which one of these do you perform best?

Next time someone says ‘Education is useless,’ ask the question ‘which type of education?’ You will find that it was not a thoroughly thought statement.

Personally, I had the opportunity of learning in all these types of education. They are all great, and were every critical for my success. And I am stilling learning.

Join us in the next post as we discuss deeper; ‘Do you really need education to succeed?

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