Do You Know The Power Of Your Associations?

Do You Know The Power Of Associations


By Welm Mhaka

Regardless of whom you are, association matters most because it is through connections where links for destiny are made. It is very important to choose the right companions, friends or association. Most people are where they are in life because of their associations since an association can influence you to be positive or negative.

‘Show me your friend, I’ll tell you who you are because a mirror reflects itself.  If you walk with wolves you will learn how to howl, whereas if you are with eagles you will learn how to fly.’ – Author Unknown

If every day I walk with thieves’ part of what they do will become part of my habit-so rather I should depart from wrong company before it devalues me. Birds of the same feather flock together. A common African proverb says, ‘A pregnant woman should play with pregnant woman because if she plays too much with women that are not pregnant she can later be fooled to remove that pregnancy’. He who walks with wise men will be wise, but the companion of fools will be destroyed. Bad company ruins good morals and character. [Proverbs 13v20]

“A friend is like an elevator, if you press a button for room ten it lifts you up, if you press downwards for basement likewise you will go down. So choose your friends wisely, a good one is the one that lifts you up” – a common saying.

Within the friends there are three classes: those who add you, subtract you and those who neither add nor subtract value in you. To grow you need those associations that add value towards you. I attest to what a colleague of mine used to say about a motto, once used by a big retail supermarket which stated,”Mhanya neshasha”, in English translation –Run with the Champions. Hence in reality that big retail supermarket has its market presence where its competitors-supermarkets are usually located.

“You need to associate with people that inspire you, people that challenge you to rise higher, people that make you better. Don’t waste your valuable time with people that are not adding to your growth. Your destiny is too important.” – Joel Osteen.

Wrong associations disrupt your value and revenue streams- since it is through associations one can have their image tarnished or elevated. If you see a fly within the glass of water, you wouldn’t want to drink it because it is contaminated. So wise bad company ruins good moral as the bible clarifies that how can light dwell with darkness. King Jehoshaphat a righteous man of God, ventured into business deal of constructing ship that were supposed to sail to Tarshish with a wicked King Ahaziah but the ships were wrecked and unable to go to sail. [2Chronicles 20v35-37]

To succeed in life, businesses and at school wisely select your friends. If I walk everyday with harlot, it’s more likely that soon or later will be more inclined to such morals. If you want to succeed at school you play with those that excel in their academics, likewise for business it’s the same principle.

Social mirror does not lie. You are a reflection of people you associate with. Try to spend time with people who have overcome in an area of your torment” – Dr. Shingi Munyeza.

To grow to be the best choose friends that influences you to grow. Eagles fly with eagles, they don’t fly with hens. Deliberately cut off wrong ties of friendships. Hook up with the right association and grow to be the best within your connection to your destiny. Be destiny centered don’t dwell much on the journey or process you go through. The journey has many events such as setbacks, hurdles and challenges, but what matters most is the destination. When you board the bus, train or airplane what matters most is the destination you are going, what entails the journey is not really necessary. In the success stories of Henry Ford or Thomas Edison people never focus about their failures they keep remembering the outcomes-results of a Motor Vehicle and Bulb.

As you pursue your destiny find the right associations. In the bible, David associated with Jonathan in his destiny. Joshua and Moses, Elijah and Elisha, Paul with Timothy and Epaphras, Ruth and Naomi, Mordecai and Esther. The list is endless- pursue those divine connections that make you impact positively.

Think About This

Why do big companies want to be associated or linked to big brands, franchises and ideal suppliers within their services provision? What benefits can be attained from good brands being displayed in your supermarket? Some companies go to the extent of forming strategic business alliance and others to the extent of acquiring that ideal brand.

In conclusion, sync with good brands- people that push you higher bringing about a good rapport in you. A good brand creates customer loyalty if its business, stay on track you can make it. Keep blessed and keep shining.

About the Author: Welm Mhaka

Welm Mhaka works in the Financial Sector, handles Events and Marketing at Inspire Zimbabwe Foundation, an Empreteco– BEST Cert from Empretec Zimbabwe, An Associate Member of the Institute Of Chartered Secretaries And Administrators In Zimbabwe (ISCAZ) He holds a Bachelor of Business Studies Honors degree In Banking and Finance from the Bindura University and Science Education. To find out more, connect with him by email on, Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.

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