The Dangers of Following Your Passion

We have spoken many times about following your passion and how it is the best direction. Today we will look at the down side of following your passion, and the risks that you face when you choose to follow your heart. Following your passion is exciting and it is fulfilling. However if you look closely, you will find that people who followed their passion are not as happy as you would expect them to be. Because life is not all about following you passion. Your life is bigger than your passion or your dream.

Here are a few things to look out for, and perhaps the disadvantages of following your passion. These are the things that will make you reconsider admiring those who are following their passions. These are the things that should make you think again when an opportunity to follow your passion present itself.

Abandoning Common Sense. One thing I have discovered in life is that ‘common sense is supreme‘, and that common sense is the basic foundation of wisdom. Nothing beats common sense. Passion is like a burning fire. It can burn you or others around you. It is so powerful that it can take you out of your senses.

It’s very easy to lose money or time in something that you are passionate about without realising it. Actually you will find yourself defending your actions although they seem unreasonable to everyone else. Your actions can be a hobby or a project. To avoid getting into this pitfall bounce your ideas with your mentors or advisers. Get a second opinion from a trusted person.

Your Heart is a Bad Moral Compass. It’s very difficult to accept this but it is true. You heart can get lost, so why should you follow it? Following your passion makes you the Judge, the Jury, the Accused and the Defendant. That’s why following your passion is fun.

On the other hand the Bible says that ‘the human heart is the most deceitful of all things.’ So instead choose to lead your heart. You have to control your passion and direct it where you want it to go. Remember that even serial killers are following their passions. There is time to follow your passion and there is a time to direct your passion. Successful people know what to do, and when.

Following Your Passion Does Not Lead To Success or Wealth. It is true that most wealthy people followed their passions and dreams, but it is not true that if you follow your passion you will automatically get wealth. What makes the difference is how you follow your passion. You do not want to be a fool following his passion, because the passions of a fool lead to destruction.

If you look closely, in most cases following your passion leads you away from success because you will not be driven by reward. Following your passion leads only to inner fulfilment. I believe it is controlling or leading people driven by passion that perhaps leads to wealth.

Passion Does Not Guarantee Food On Your Table. Think of it, our passions in most cases do not generate income. Most of people’s passions do not provide the essential services that people want. It is exciting to go and study a fancy degree that you are passionate about. It is another thing to come back years later and make a decent living out of that degree.

‘Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs’ simply put it as follows, put your basic needs first. If your passion does not address your basic needs, think again, and make your choices wisely. First put food on your table than follow your dreams. If you can make a living on your passion, then that is wonderful. Remember that you do not die if you do not follow your passion, but you can die if your basic needs are not meet.

Passion Has its Place in Life. There is a reason why we have passion. There is a reason why we have dreams. Dreams so big that they won’t be achieved in our life time. Do not be blind to reason. We often hear people saying ‘Because I am following my passion, I am going to be rich.’ Turning your passion into income generation is a different ball game. It takes more than passion. It takes wisdom.

Please note that being passionate at something does not make you an expert at it. Have you not yet seen a sloppy, incompetent passionate person? I have seen many of them. If you have a passion or a dream that you want to reach, get into training and development. Otherwise one day the frustration of failure will put your fire out. It will hurt you.

Your Passion is Like a Horse. You have to tame it before your ride it. Otherwise if not controlled, it will be dangerous to you and those around you. A wise person is one who has learnt when to follow his heart and also when to lead his heart. It is the one who can direct his passion to specific areas to create the desired impact. This is a higher level of operation.

Where You Are in The Chain Matters. Often it is the passionate scientists in the laboratory, running tests and mixing the stuff, day and night, in the process losing his family and friends. They are seldom recognised. It is the owner of the venture or sponsor who gets the attention and recognition.

Passion is Like Love. Falling in love is wonderful but it may not last for a long time. Just like love people usually fall out of their passion after a few years. On the other hand it is possible to fall in love in an immoral relationship. If you do not follow certain orders, your passion can destroy your family, your loved ones and even yourself. Your passion can end in heartbreak.

Many people come back to their senses after falling out of passion to discover that it was all just a pipe dream, a childhood fantasy.

Finally, your passion may not produce results today, but two or five years from today the results could be seen. Your passion may not produce results in your town, but in the next city, next country or next continent. The results can be overwhelming. The bottom line is to apply wisdom to your passion.

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