*Club Members Only *- Blast Through Your Negative Environmental Forces!

Negative Environment

{This article was leaked from the ‘Super Achievers’ Club.’ Warning; the contents therein have the potential to redirect the course of your life by taking you higher than your dreams or goals. Proceed reading this one at your own risk. You have been advised!}

“We need from every man who aspires to leadership-for himself and his company-a determination to undertake a personal program of self-development. Nobody is going to order a man to develop …. Whether a man lags behind or moves ahead in his specialty is a matter of his own personal application. This is something which takes time, work, and sacrifice. Nobody can do it for you.” – Ralph J. Cordiner, former GE Chairman

The environment will tell you that you cannot make it. ‘Getting a varsity degree is useless.’ ‘There are no jobs.’ ‘The market is flooded.’ ‘You are going nowhere.’ ‘It’s pointless to get married now.’ ‘Your business will fail.’ ‘Opportunities to lead no longer exist.’ ‘We are just waiting to die.’ ‘Prices will rise over the roof top.’

What the Environment Says

Five years ago I heard someone prophesying that by 2015 fuel price will sky rocket such that all these roads are gonna be empty. Some were saying global warming is gonna end the word by 2020. Actually, I was told that the world will end 10 years ago. Some are still saying we gonna work ourselves to death.

The environment tells you that you were born crawling and should live in mediocrity. It tells you that you belong to second class, and it often forces you to go that way. What it wants is for you to get stuck; to lie low and go nowhere slowly, because ‘ALL seats are taken.’ What the environment does not tell you is that YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN SEATS. Actually you can make better seats! And put them wherever you want!

Never Trust the Environment!

Never trust the environment! Believe you can succeed and you will! If you really believe, you can move a mountain, yes you can! But if you believe that you can’t, you are right, you won’t! Actually with faith you can do much bigger things than move mountains! With faith you can move nations, planets and galaxies!

If you do not have faith in yourself, who do you want to believe you! If you believe that you are worth little, you will receive a little. If you do not believe in what you are doing, no one will. Hence whatever you are doing it will never succeed!

When you wake up to say, ‘This is another lousy day’, than it will be for you. If you believe today is a great day, then all greatness will line up to you. And amazing things will line up to your words!

Some say ‘the door to success is open wider than ever before,’ but I say ‘there is no more door to success.’ ‘There is no sky to limit’ you! YOU are the limit, as far as your achievements are concerned.

Over US$1 Million Exchange Hands Every Second Worldwide!

For example, over US$1 Million exchange hands every second worldwide, giving about US$ 4 Billion per hour. This river of money flows day by day none stop 24/7! When other countries are sleeping the other side of the world will be wide awake. This is free market money, anyone can access it. The question is how much of the US$1 Million per second will you be exchanging?

Think success, don’t think failure! Whether it is at work, home or social circles. Don’t even attempt to image it. Stop it! Think success! Think big! Dream big! If you want to do big things, than think big!

Walk Away From Negativity

I once walked away from a neighbour who was persistently saying junk. Someone said to me, ‘Don’t you think you were a little bit rude.’ I answered that, ‘I find it very offensive for a person to come to me attacking and attempting to kill my dream with his negativity. I will not stand negativity!’

Which reminds me of something, ‘do not hang around people who have shattered their dreams,’ because yours will be next. Surround yourself with BIG dreamers! Surround yourself with people on the way to super achievement!

The Force of Faith

Blast through negative environmentFaith is not a wish. No! Faith is a powerful spiritual force. And it is mirrored by your thoughts, and expressed by your actions. Many people claim that they have faith, but their thoughts are full of doubt and unbelief. Their words and actions prove it.

There are thousands of reasons why you cannot succeed, and this is what the majority know and chats about. But there are also thousands of reasons why you can succeed! Only a few successful people understand and talk about these.

The Door to Failure and Mediocrity is Also Wide

‘The door to failure and mediocrity is wide.’ Actually they never close it these days! You can NEVER miss it. But the door to success is narrow, only those who diligently seek it will find it!

So, what are you going to do about this?

Remember that ‘success is about attitude.’ Do not listen to the negative environment.

Have a good day. God bless.

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