Authors’ New Year Present

This amazing coaching tool for authors is available to you for free. The author, John Museredzo has put in place this resource for all who desire to publish their material. You are welcome to contact him directly vie email, WhatsApp, or phone. Author Contacts Email: Phone: +263775127589 or +263712154277 You can also download the […]

The African Story – Our School Children

Few pictures showing the diversity of Africa school children.   School Children in Africa,   African girl child,   Classroom in Sierra Leone,   School children in Malawi   Private School children Johannesburg , South Africa,   Children in classroom at a school in Central African Republic,   Children on […]

When Opportunity Knocks

Have you ever seen people who get one opportunity after another? And it seems everything they do succeeds. On the other have you have seen people who also get opportunities frequently but each time nothing materialises. There are many types of opportunities and they come to people at different times in life. It is true […]

The Land in Between

It is easier to start than to finish. Many people start, get into the game but only a few finish the race strong. This applies to business, marriage, and many other projects. They got excited when they departed Egypt. With miracles happening day by day this looked like the perfect journey, a journey that will […]