Attractions Is Just Attraction: Meaningful Relationships

Meaningful Relationships


“Beauty gets attention but personality gets the heart!”

If you want people to like something, create something beautiful. But if you want people to love something, create something people will relate to. With time beauty always fades but relations can get stronger. Unforgettable things are the ones that touch peoples’ hearts, not what caught their attention. Human beings easily forget what caught our eyes but never forget what touches our hearts. So, try a little to touch hearts rather than impress.

Good looks attract but do not keep you in marriage! Good feelings make you feel good but do not make you stay!

Attraction is good because it draws our attention to something, so that we can investigate further. But our decisions to buy or get into a relationship or have long term engagement is not be based only on the attractiveness, it is based on how we relate to it! This is a wise way of making sustainable connections.

Building unforgettable things take time and energy.  It takes you inner most.

Few of your close friendships will reach twenty years old. What kept will keep you connected with these few is not money, toys etc, it is the compatibility of your characters. Over the same twenty year you will have spectacular friends who will come, and go. Their characters did not really click with yours; and it’s okay.

A good pay only attracts you to the job but does not retain! Good benefits look attractive but do not retain!

What makes a person stay for decades is how the work experience feels. That is why some people leave a good paying job to start a business. What do you think?

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