An Opened Letter: Christmas Box or Mail

An Opened Letter: Christmas Box or Mail

I am always receiving feedback from you. I value every comment that you give. Please keep them coming. 

Here is an interesting one that I received a few years ago just before Christmas. I asked for permission from the writer and I edited it to protect his identity. I hope it will mean something to you.

To the writer, I say thank you for the kind words.

To Mr Taka Sande,

Good day sir I hope I find you well, I am wonderful. This Christmas marks a different season in my life when I am 23 now and am trying to be responsible. What makes this one different is that I am not a kid anymore where I would be  thinking of what could my present be under the Christmas tree but it’s now what can I put under the tree, how can I bring a smile this festive season.

So in that line of thought I was thinking what could I give to people those that contributed the most to my life. When I look back at our very short relationship the value of what you have taught me is insurmountable. What I also enjoy is how God brought us together; it’s funny though how we met but now it unquestionable that it was God ordained. So this is the gift that I have wrapped up for you sir, listed below are the things that I have learnt from you as my mentor.

  1. Firstly I would want thank you for being the father that I lost 8 year ago, never in my life had I had the opportunity to confide in a male person older than me. I failed to create such relationships in my communities’ e.g. church or with neighbours. Thank you for bringing candid solutions to all the problems that I have brought to you, I would have suffocated with all that my heart. I walk with my shoulders high because how I see myself and it’s all because of the words that you have affirmed in me;
  2. Another area where I have seen immense growth is in the area of walking in the consciousness of my purpose. One of our earlier conversations was you asking me what is my purpose and I still remember I just stammered and practically said nothing but today it’s a different story as I’m bold enough to say ”I Am Here To Elevate Humanity Economically And Socially”. I now understand clearly what God has called me to do on this earth, if it wasn’t for you I would die a discontent person with enthusiasm without purpose and discipline. I now understand my purpose, vision, gifting and passion, and I count myself privileged to know that because when I asked around only 2 out of 10 had an idea of what I have a foot holed in which is I Know Who I Am – Israel Houghton;
  3. I currently have 2 blogs and a face book page running at the moment and I have been receiving overwhelming response. If my memory serves me right you are the one that suggested the idea to me, in fact from the blue you said ‘why can’t you create a website’ and from then on I have not looked back. It’s your desire for us to get where you are to get what you got and even better;
  4. Today I see myself as a budding business person because of your expertise that you have shared with me; the idea currently hit a hurdle but am not giving up. You took the liberty of going through my business proposal, cash flow, balance sheet and gave some awesome recommendations that drastically changed the whole entity itself;
  5. You also allowed me join all your networks especially mentorship program that of young men like me and you have shared your life and your knowledge, you have no idea the bible studies that I have conducted using your material that I would have learnt from the group. The exposure that you gave us was just tremendous from business to relationships, career to spiritual, basically every subject was manna; and
  6. Lastly I just want thank you for being there, one thing that I know for sure is you have a very busy schedule but whenever I came with some or an issue to you, you would respond promptly. To be honest I do not know how I would have survived the season of waiting for a job from May to late November but it was you word of wisdom, word of knowledge and affirmations that have kept me going.

This is not all is just something I thought on top of my head in a few minutes of writing this mail; there is tons of things you have done. Paul says you have many teachers but few fathers and that is very true, I am blessed to have been found by one. Blessed is your family, they have a hero in you; I pray they see it and appreciate it. I pray that your children will be like arrows in a quiver that if you shoot them wherever you want them to go they prosper and represent your family and the kingdom well. Thanks sir I wouldn’t be at this part of this journey if it wasn’t for you. I pray to God that you have an amazing and very merry Christmas and a fruitful year.

Bless you Dad.


“His preaching will turn the hearts of parents to their children, and the hearts of children to their parents. Otherwise I will come and strike the land with a curse.”…… Mal 4:6

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