18 Great Lessons that I Learned from My Father

My Father

This year, my mother celebrated her 75th birthday. And if he was still alive, my father would have celebrated his 88th.birthday However, he passed on ten years ago. I am so grateful to have parents who are full of wisdom.

My mother and father have been wonderful parents to me. They worked hard to provide a stable foundation for my life and future. They taught me invaluable lessons about wisdom for life that is applicable at work, in marriage, in parenting, in relationships, and life in general.

One good thing of being born when you parents are mature is that they are well past the experimental stage. They know what works and what does not work. The principles they taught you are the principles they had eventually adopted. These are usually the best principles. I am so blessed.

Here is what I learned from the greatest man in my life, one of the wisest man who shaped me.

  1. Education is the key and to value education. My father taught us early not to take education for granted.
  2. Practical wisdom for every day. And that you can increase in wisdom by associating with wiser people.
  3. Consistence and discipline.
  4. Servant leadership, authority and submission,
  5. Respect character. There was only one thing my father used to judge a person with. It was character. Character is valuable. At the end your deeds form you character.
  6. Do not fear anything. Be fearless. People are afraid of things they have never seen or encountered. Simply put they are afraid of what they do not know.
  7. Have clear boundaries and be single minded. Yes, this was the man. His yes was a yes and his no was a no. He was never undecided about anything. I follow after him.
  8. Aim to win, go big and aim for the best. If you miss 100% you can still get 90%, which is still good.
  9. To be strategic minded. Have the bigger picture all the time.
  10. Work hard. My father worked very hard and from this I learned that success does to come cheap.
  11. Use your gifts and talents. Apart from his career, he often used his gifts and talents in various ways to generate income. He was indeed a creative man.
  12. Multiple streams of income is the best. From his projects he kept receiving income from various sources.
  13. Rise early. In most days by the time he gets to work he would have spent an hour two on his projects. Yes, I am also an early riser.
  14. Your first investment must be your house.
  15. Live within your means. Although he had modest income, I never heard that he borrowed money. Instead many people who earn more than him would come for financial assistance from him.
  16. If a need in the community was brought forward, my father was among the first to be there.
  17. Value children. This is shown not just because we have a big family but in the sense that he took care of all the children.
  18. Learn from those around you. My father taught me that you can learn a lot from a successful person, and you can also learn a lot from a fool. In the latter case you learn what not to do.

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