14 Awesome Lessons that I Learned from My Mother

In remembering my mother’s 75th birthday, I thought I would also use this public forum to give my mother the praise she deserves.

‘You are like that because your mother is a woman of faith,’ my wife said. ‘Woman of what?’ I thought to myself. That’s when it hit me. She was right. My mother is indeed a woman of faith.

Yes, she is a great woman of God. Her words, action and beliefs are biblical. Although we did not profess to be strong Christians, the home was based and run on Christian principles with strong faith in God.

Honestly with such a mother it was a challenge for me to find a good wife. I did not want to bring down the standards. Somehow I did it. How it happened, it remains a miracle. Here is what I learned from my greatest cheerleader, the one who gave me such a heart.

  1. Have a good heart. You can fake everything else but you cannot fake a good heart. Live a life that is fee from any form of evil.
  2. Believe God. At the end God will stand with you. Put Him on your side. God’s word has the final say. No evil shall befall you.
  3. The power of forgiveness. Forgiveness set you free. Wrongs happen and mistakes are made. But harbouring unforgiveness only harm yourself.
  4. How to relate with others, even live with your enemy in peace, patience.
  5. The extra ordinary value of peace. Find peace even at a great price. The road that is lined with peace is usually the best road.
  6. Self-confidence. How to look intelligent, even if you are not really intelligent.
  7. Be friendly to your neighbours and assist them whenever possible. They are your close family.
  8. Goodness pays more at the end. You cannot put down a good man. Goodness always conquer evil.
  9. Express gratitude. Gratitude is a discipline. It is best experienced in both the good times and the bad.
  10. Work hard. My mother worked very hard. The key word is productive. She taught us to be productive and use time wisely.
  11. How to work smarter and think ahead. To think outside the box and create your own luck. The decisions that you make create luck for you, good luck or bad luck.
  12. The power of associations. You have to be a good friend to find a good friend. Decent friends nurture decent friendships.
  13. Be content with what you have. And maximise the use of the little that you have. This is how you increase the benefits and get more value out of ordinary things.
  14. Remain honest even when things are difficult. Our true appreciation of honesty is displayed when it is difficult. And a truly honest man or woman is hard to find these days.

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