10 Things Every Man Needs To Start Doing

Throughout history, men play a pivotal leadership role that has carried humanity forward. I am not saying that women are not contributing but I am saying that men have a natural advantage when executing these roles.

With all the great things that men do, they are also responsible for the decay that we see in the world. Every man occasionally finds himself at cross roads. The direction that he chooses spells out his future and the future of his loved ones. Instead of building he finds himself destroying. Instead of loving he tends to tear hearts apart. Instead of being a protector he finds himself neglecting and abusing.

Here are the ten things every man must do today;

  1. Be single minded and single hearted; in all areas relationships, what you want in life, your career etc. A man with a divided heart is a risk to himself and those close to him. If you, the family driver, is double minded you will crash the family and your loved ones will be the victims.
  2. Create a life plan and write it down. As you draft the plan think about how you want to be remembered.
  3. Be the provider. This is one of your primary responsibilities. Take steps to become a provider of your family before you get married.
  4. Stop chasing childhood silly dreams and foolish unproductive passions. Stop being and child and just grow up.
  5. Get you associates right. Create the right mix of friends, advisors and mentors. Remember you are as good as the people who you surround yourself with.
  6. Be financially wise. Don’t fall into scams. It’s embarrassing especially for a man. Find good books on personal finance and start learning how to handle finance.
  7. Clean up your mess. When you fail take responsible and fix things the right way. Don’t try to cover-up. Get to the root of it and fix things down there. It humbling but it is wisdom in action.
  8. Good heart. Having hormones that do not fluctuate is a good advantage. So the next step is to get rid of all unfinished business and keep your heart uncontaminated. Remember that your mind is connected to your heart. If your heart is not right, your understanding will not be right. Hence you will miss your target.
  9. Be connected to God and a real way. Do not make a fuss about it, keep it simple. Your personal and private relationship with God is the real deal. It is the fuel that you need to maintain your integrity.
  10. Revise your habits. Make a list of your bad habits and take steps to get rid of them. Make another list of good habits that you want and make plans to develop them.

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