The 10 Most Asked Questions in the World

Today I applied my random thoughts to the worlds most asked questions. Those are just my unedited thoughts. Enjoy.

  1. What Is The Meaning Of Life?

This is by far the most perplexing question of any on the list. I will give you the correct answer right now. Does it mean people are living meaningless lives? I wonder. This is a silly question. To have life is to exist. You can check the meaning of life on Wikipedia or Google it. LOL!

Life is a mystery. Everyone seems to want to know why they exist. It is a good question, perhaps that best question one can ask. The best answer comes from the maker of people, God. This takes us to the next question.

  1. Is There A God?

Yes. Some can say I don’t see the big man, so he does not exist. Here is my explanation. You cannot separate God from faith, because it is by faith you know that God exist. There is no culture in the whole world that does not believe in God. The understanding can be different but yes they all believe there is someone big out there, someone who is the boss of everything.

  1. Why Is There Suffering And Death?

Mankind hate suffering, especially death. Let’s look from the other side. Suppose there was not suffering. No pain, not sickness, no crime, no hurts, no poverty, no lack, no accidents, no war, etc. there will be no need for the health system, or criminal justice system, etc. We will all be good and happy every day isn’t it? Now take away death. This means we live happily for ever. By now we would be 107 billion people on planet earth. This means that the population of your country or city would be 35 times bigger. WOW!

It also means all your great great great grand parents would all be alive, and still working for a living. Yes, they would not get frail. By now you do not like the picture of what it would be, do you? It sounds like one of those movies in which people are remote controlled. Perhaps suffering and death are good after all.

  1. Is There Life On Other Planets?

Yes. There are living things out there. Perhaps spiritual beings. Perhaps other planets with animals and plants too. I can say that there are no other human being out there. Why, because the Bible says so.

Now, will man ever discover life on other planets? Maybe not. The universe is too big for man to explore it fully.

  1. How Can I Lose Weight And Keep It Off?

Yes or no. Just get some weights and through them away. Don’t pick them up. In this way you lose your weight.

Here is another one. Travelling at the speed of light, any object becomes smaller and loses weight. Perhaps start by driving very fast.

It’s up to you to lose it. It’s up to you to keep it. Just make your choice. Why do you really want to lose weight anyway?

  1. Do I Really Have A Soulmate?

Of course yes sweetie. In fact there are many soulmates for you. It all depends on how you treat each other. Someone can be your soulmate today but next year things change. I mean everything is relative.

  1. When Is The World Coming To An End?

End of what? Do you mean we run out of earth or the earth is destroyed or all people die or the earth just evaporate. This is a funny question, end of the world. I know the ‘end of the road.’ I know the end of a life is death. So what is end of the world? Please ask a better question.

  1. Why Do Men Lose Their Hair?

Everyone lose hair, men women and children. But some grow less hair than they loss. LOL! Some just shave their hair.

For today we end on the eight question.

If you have two more questions please put them below to make them ten. And if you like this post, please share with your friends. They surely have questions too.

Have a great day.

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