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How to Find your Big Money Idea!

Big Money Ideas

Many are trying to find that big money idea that will give them a big financial break. This secret idea would propel them into financial abundance and worldwide fame. Where would one find such an idea?

The real problem isn’t coming up with a great idea, but coming up with a good one. Some good ideas can ends up being “Big Money Ideas” because all it takes is one good idea to turn around your life.

Here are three questions that can help you in your search:

  1. What are my hobbies and interests?
  2. What are some of my life experiences and achievements?
  3. What problems, big or small, have I solved in my life?

Hobbies and Interests

The first place to look for your big money idea is not out there, it is inside you. What is your passion? What do you like doing? What are your hobbies and interest in life? It is easier to succeed in areas you are passionate about than other areas. You are more likely to be more creative and much more motivated in the areas of your interest.

Some of you might be thinking ‘I don’t have a hobby.’ Perhaps ask yourself this question ‘What would you like to do if you did have more time?’ You may not have a hobby right now but keep searching. Try many things. Maybe you don’t get to these things right now.

At times you may have a good hobby but you cannot find an easy way to make money. Keep exploring. After all, the first thing is to be good and create a track record in your hobby.

Life Experiences And Achievements

God has made us the way we are for a purpose and our life journeys have created treasures hidden deep inside. You next big money idea lies within your gift, talents, life experiences and achievements. God has brought you up to this point for a reason. Think carefully about your abilities. What are you naturally good at? What have you been trained at? What experience do you have? In what areas have you achieved exceptionally? Those are the areas your next big money idea will come from.

Now think about some significant problems you might have solved in your life or for someone. Sometimes it’s stuff that you help someone get rid of, and gave you bad memories. But guess what, many people may be willing to pay you to do it again! You are their hero.

Solving People’s Problems

The world is filled with challenges. Even within our communities there are problems. All this means that people are desperate for solutions and they are willing to pay to get the solutions. Finding solutions to problems creates a platform of vast opportunities. This is where your next big money idea will come from.

For further reading check the slide 7 Interesting Ways To Make Money in Africa.

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How to Deal with Poisonous Envy

How to Deal with Poisonous Envy

“I feel this overwhelming envy toward people who I perceive as being better than me in some way. If someone is better than I am (and they almost always are), I feel envious. It is incredibly unfair that I’m not as good as they are so I could not experience that life. I’m generally a very envious person, and I feel like it’s poisoning my life. How should I deal with this envy?”

Envy is a longing to possess something awarded to or achieved by another. It is a restraining force. To envy indicates a lack of confidence in one’s ability to acquire what he envies; hence, it prevents the development of initiative to obtain what is envied. Envy is associated with jealousy and greed, and can easily degenerate into witchcraft.

Envy or Jealousy is a poverty mentality

Envy or Jealousy comes from a feeling of lack and scarcity and a belief there isn’t enough to go around. Envy is exhausting. It’s a hungry emotion; it must be fed. And what does envy like? It likes information. It likes details. It likes the vast quantities of nice hair styles, the nice car or house. Envy likes photos. That’s why Facebook is getting bigger. Envy reveals us to ourselves.

The majority of these people you so yearn to be or feel the need to be jealous of have one thing in common, self-confidence. So it’s all about self-confidence. Instead of channelling so much of your time, talents, and energy into what others are doing, rather use it as motivation to build your own self confidence. In other words, focus your time and energy on building yourself. You should start fostering a more confident, albeit healthy, mind-set. Your way of thinking shouldn’t be, ‘why am I so jealous of them?’, rather it should be, ‘what can I do to make myself happy and confident?’

Having envy does not mean you are a failure.

Having envy does not mean you are a failure. It only means that either you do not have a plan or you are not confident enough with your plan. Find your passion, follow your dream and do things that make you happy. Practically make a list of things that makes you happy. If you want a degree, go to varsity, if you want to own a house get it, if you want a thing go for it, instead of breeding poison inside you. A person who is busy enjoying life and progressing has not time for envy.

Whatever you do don’t compare yourself with others. You are not others. You are you! If you compare yourself with others, you will become bitter, because there will always be a greater and a lesser person than yourself. There is always room to feel envious because there is someone better than you in one way or another. So being envious has nothing to do with reality, it is all about your mind.

Blowing someone’s candle does not make your candle shine brighter.

As you begin your journey out of envy avoid loud and aggressive persons. They are vexations to your spirit. Be yourself. Be real. Do not fake affection.

As far as possible, without surrender, be on good terms with all persons. Speak your truth quietly and clearly. Listen to others, even to the dull and ignorant; they, too, have their story. In listening you will find that they paid a dear price for it.

Enjoy and celebrate your achievements as well as your plans. Keep interested in your own career, however humble; it is a real possession in the changing fortunes of time.

Honestly, self-confidence comes more easily to some people than others. It is a combination of personality traits and upbringing. Some parents drive their children crazy with unreasonable expectations and pressures and constant comparisons with how successful other people are or their siblings are. If your parents are/were this way towards you, you need to break the circle. You need to focus on your own talents and forget other people’s real or perceived talents or advantages. Envy is draining and will distract you from reaching your goal, and most importantly, it’ll be a serious obstacle to your happiness.

Forgive yourself. You are not perfect.

Beyond a wholesome discipline, be gentle with yourself. Forgive yourself. You are not perfect. No one is. If you are not meant to be the world’s top musician, why does it bother you? Just continue to enjoy what you do. If you are not as beautiful as she is, why does it bother you? You have plenty of things you are good at. There are many areas you are (or will be) useful at.

Finally everything that you are envious of usually has a price and a messy process that you are not aware of, but usually only the polished end-result that you are jealous of, and that most people see. That’s why you should stop admiring them and talk to these people to find out how much they have put in to get where they are. Their stories will surely bring you to tears.

The shortcoming of envy is that it only looks at the outcome and does not want to know the process.

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How You Can Drive Safer This Holiday

What You Can To Drive Safer This Holiday

In the past few months a number of my close friends were involved in road accidents. Losing our loved ones in road accidents is very painful. As the holidays approaches I thought of putting together a collection of ideas from expert drivers on how we can be safer on the roads.

Because of the seriousness of this matter I will use stronger than usual language in order to emphases the points, and this post is longer. Road safety is a life and death issue. It may cost your life, your limb or your pocket. Always be careful.

Do not drive based on how things are now, rather drive based on how things could be in the future

It’s all about time and distance. Consider the car on the side street ahead, angled as if preparing to merge with traffic in your lane. Maybe they have not seen you or have misjudged you distance or speed. If they pull in front of you, will you have the time and distance needed to slow down? If not, can you take advantage of an opening in the lane next to you, even if it means speeding up or slowing down? What do you need to do to handle anything that might crop up in the next few seconds or beyond you visible distance?

Driving in the rural roads at night is a different ball game altogether

Why, because of animals, pot holes and broken down vehicles in the road. If the road is not fence you will be assured that either a wild animal will jump across the road or a domestic animal will stray into the road. What makes the situation dangerous is that you vision is limited to the distance lit by your head lights. So you have no idea what is happening beyond the brightness until it’s too late. Drive slow enough to be able to see and stop safely. It’s being stupid to drive faster than your reaction time. What if a huge pothole or stationary vehicle just pop out in from of you in you lane. Will you be able to stop? Or there is the huge pot hole or animal or stationary vehicle, and there is another vehicle coming right in front of you. The first thing is you can’t see, and the second thing is by the time you see the danger you cannot avoid it due to approaching vehicle. Do not take rural roads for granted.

Always maintain a ‘bird’s eye’ awareness of your surroundings 

Five seconds ago, you saw a blue sports coupe in your passenger-side mirror – now you can’t see it at all. Where is it? Did they turn off? Are they in your blind spot? If you remember where it has been and where you know it isn’t, it’s pretty easy to deduce where that car is. You can’t watch everything constantly, and some areas you can’t see well anyways. Keep your mind alert.  With practice and experience, you’ll learn to see potential accidents before they even happen.

Headlights are also to let other drivers see you 

A good rule of thumb is that if you need your wipers you need your lights on. I can’t begin to tell you how many times the only thing to save an idiot driving a grey-silver car was a high-contrast front license plate. If it’s near dusk or dawn, in a dusty road, or even on a winding mountain road, you need your headlights on so others can see you. When in doubt, turn them on.

Golden rule is that never assume the other guy has noticed you. What if he hasn’t? Avoiding him is your responsibility.

Acceleration and deceleration lanes are there for a reason, use them 

Especially in freeways, as you enter or exit, adjust your speed to the prevailing speed of traffic. This makes it smooth to merge with existing traffic flow. Do no cause unnecessary conflicts and heat up emotions of other drivers. Maintain peace!

There is no shame in parking

A lot of drivers tend to get macho and will try everything from caffeine drinks to slapping themselves in the face to try to make ‘just a few more kilometres.’ Stop every 250km or 2 hours driving. Hit up a rest area for a pee break. Something as simple as a two-minute break from driving and a quick spot of activity can do wonders for your alertness. If that’s not enough just sleep.

Any time you think you’d be embarrassed for taking a rest break, think how embarrassed you’d be for having an accident because you didn’t! If you are tired and sleepy I don’t want your car driving near mine. Stay off the road.

Avoid distraction when driving 

When driving fast if something in your car needs your attention more than 1 second, ignore it until you have stopped. Avoid talking on the phone or turn back to your kids at the back seat. Be careful with cigarettes and lighters while driving. If either of them falls, get off the road and stop the car safely, and then take care of the cigarette or lighter. It is better if you get a slight burn on you or the car than to crash and lose your leg because of it. Have you ever driven near a person texting, coming hair whilst driving. I stay away from that car because the driver wants to kill you.

Each car is unique, be careful when driving a car for the first time 

Remember, if you are used to driving a particular car never convince yourself you can drive them all the same way even if you get two cars exactly the same brand or model, they always have different behaviour than yours. Their shock absorbers may be different, their tires may be different, even if the absorbers are the same or the tires, they could be in worst condition or better. Also, if you drive a car on a daily basis with no other occupants, the car will have a complete different behaviour when full. So be careful during the holiday when you drive your car full of your cousins, uncles, aunties etc.

If you drink alcohol leave your car after the party

Don’t drive if you have had any alcohol. When you go on a night out it is better to leave the car at home altogether (unless you are not a drinker). Arrange your after party transport beforehand when you are still sober. Be wise.

Develop good driving habits 

Whatever you do by habit is what you will do in an emergency, at least at first. So develop good habits. If you always rolling stop, you will eventually hit someone. If you always stop first, you will always see them and not hit them.

Road signs are not for display but for your own safety, obey them 

Always actually stop at stop signs, yield/give way, traffic lights etc. Beware of the ‘red: stop, green: go, orange: go faster’ habit. When you turn use your indicators and use hazard lights were necessary.

Do not tailgate the car ahead in the freeway 

Following too closely on the freeway is a problem for most drivers. At freeway speeds, keep enough distance between you and the car ahead. When merging onto the freeway, don’t tailgate the car ahead. Leave plenty of room between you and the lead car. That makes it easier for your car to merge with freeway traffic.

Never drive too close to the vehicle in front of you and never let any vehicle drive too close to the back of your car. You may endanger yourselves.

Your emotions spills into your driving 

Road rage provides an instant release of emotions but in actual fact they do more harm than good. Some people make genuine mistake and your rage put fear in them. Find somewhere else to vent not on other drivers. Being over excited can get you killed and on the other hand if you are depressed, stay off the road.

More things to be aware of

  • Have a valid driver’s licence. The fact that you did not pass the driving test means that you do not meet the minimum standards. Hence driving without a licence means you are endangering yourself and other innocent people.
  • If you just got your driving licence, never show off. You may even be an excellent driver but once you start trying to show off, that is when terrible things tend to go wrong.
  • Better to hit the small unknown object at high speeds than to try to swerve abruptly to avoid it and end up sideways and in a ditch or shiny side down.
  • Seat belts are safer worn than not. You’re gonna get hurt anyway, but better to be inside the car than outside in an accident.
  • Keep mental records of every car on the road all the time that are close to you or you are or they are closing in on you.
  • Respect the police. They have your best interest at heart, I guess. Their aim is not to make your journey horrible.
  • Just because the speed limit is 65 and the min speed is 40 doesn’t mean it is safe doing 40. Any speed can kill!
  • Don’t drive if you have taken drugs or meds that say not to drive.
  • Always look in your blind spot before you move.
  • Don’t drive faster than your headlights can see.
  • Don’t drive if you eyesight is bad.
  • Speed thrills but kill.

Enjoy your safe holidays.

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Manifesting Success in All Seasons

Manifesting Success in All Seasons

There are four things that are critical for you if you want to manifest success in all seasons. Understanding and walking in these principles will enable you to produce fruit, in season and out of season. You will be able to weather any storm that comes your way and even convert them into great opportunities.

Faith – A Spiritual Law

  • Faith is a powerful tool that must be used to get access to things. It is like an extension of your hand into the spiritual realm. You cannot benefit by not using faith. Instead use it on yourself and those around you. Use it to change things and rearrange them according to God’s plan.
  • Believe him and his word and promise for the best outcome. Know that since he is your father, he has not planned you for doom, but for your best.
  • Faith develops from your relationship with God, that is, as you intimately engage with Him. In this position it is easy to trust God for all things.
  • Make sure you put your faith to work day by day.

Hearing God – An Intimate Relationship With God And Seeking His Guidance

  • As mentioned earlier, as you constantly hear from a God (and obey), a relationship develop and you faith increases.
  • Develop an intimate relationship with God as your father.
  • Open your spiritual eyes to see and ears to hear.
  • Be alert in the spirit and expect him to speak.
  • Spend time together, not just talking to Him but listening.
  • Hearing from God is the key to life wisdom because from it flows the mind of God.

Obedience – The Force Of Righteousness

  • Constant hearing from God is always accompanied by obedience. The more you obey the more you will hear.
  • Just do what God wants you to do, when he wants you to do it and how he wants you to do.
  • Obedience takes you to the perfect plan of God. The plan he designed you for, before the foundation of the earth.
  • There is power in being righteous. Sin is a liability that opens the door for Satan to attack. It puts us in a compromising position by weakening our spiritual defence system and removes us from God. Out there you are at the mercy of the devil.

Love – The God Kind Of Love

  • As you develop your relationship with God, you will start to feel what he feels towards people. His grace will start to flow through and out of you.
  • Love God with all your heart, soul and mind.
  • Love your neighbour as yourself.
  • Love and accept yourself. You have no other choice.
  • Love you enemy and forgive them. Wish good to happen to them.

As you walk in these principles success and blessings will chase after you. You will be like a well-watered garden bearing fruit day by day.

Whoever attacks you will fall before you. You career, your business, your marriage and your life will get better and better.

When you are threatened by ugly situations ask yourself; how is my faith level, how is my hearing level, how is my obedience level and am do I still have love.

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Life Is A Contact Sport

Tichaona Chitsinde

Guest post by Tichaona Chitsinde 

Life is a contact sport. It’s not the one with a referee to always blow the whistle and award a penalty or a yellow card.

Life is a contact sport, where fouls occur and people get hurt. Where you have to be prepared to play the man and the ball to get possession, and your handoffs, faceoffs and sidesteps need to be on Point if you are going to cross the try-line.

Life is a contact sport where you don’t get the kill unless you make the kill, or steal it from the killer. Where the real sadists aren’t those that kill and walk away. They are those that inflict just enough pain to make death inevitable but not enough to kill you so the vultures can eat you alive.

Life is a contact sport but in all things there is a way to proceed with honour, humility and respect. To get what you want without decimating the whole field.

Life is a contact sport.

About Tichaona Chitsinde 

Tichaona Chitsinde is in his mid-twenties and lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. He’s passionate about development especially at grassroots level and spends a considerable amount of time working with young people in his community. A lawyer by training, he works as a strategist, primarily with SMEs. He enjoys sports, particularly rugby, basketball and motorsport. He loves music, and is a member of the Hatfield United Methodist Church Choir as well as assistant director of the Children’s choir. You can find him on Twitter as @TiChitsinde, or follow him on Facebook.

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Do You Remember Where You Are Coming From?

Do You Remember Where You Are Coming From?

In every African culture there is one phrase that is common; “Always remember where you are coming from.

You can hear this phrase in any community Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe and South Africa. You will still hear the same phrase in a town Middle East, Europe, in Asia and a village in South America. It seems it’s not just sub Saharan Africa only, it is universal!

Anthony Burgess quoted it as, ‘It’s always good to remember where you come from and celebrate it. To remember where you come from is part of where you’re going.David Icke had to write a book with that title.

What does it really mean ‘always remember where you are coming from?’ It a phrase that signifies;

  • Community and belonging. There is a place where you come from that is part of your identity. This is a place of your former or current belonging. It may not be a physical area but a community of relationships that is imprinted on you. It is about sharing a story. A common story that formed your identity. As you go to the top, it better to do so as a team. Take as many people as you can.
  • There is something in you that has the ability to change the future as we know it. You are the seed from your community, therefore multiple. Create as many ‘mini yous’ as possible. Multiple after your own kind.
  • Hope and faith. We may be in this situation, but through you we see a brighter future for the community. Because of who you have become, we will never be the same. As your potential is released, that force will propel this community to a better level. Lives will be uplifted.
  • Advancement and development. The only way to take your community is forward. Empowering people is more sustainable than just giving hand outs. Hand outs make them survive to the next day, but empowering changes the economic DNA of the society. If your community is in need of fish, create as many fishermen as you can.

As you respond to this phrase, do not be blinded by the pressure of immediate local economic needs and lose the panorama of the bigger picture. You cannot sustain them by giving them daily fish. Now, if you make them fishermen, you do not just sustain them, you have transformed them! Yes, you do not have to do the hard work alone. Do it together.

You have to constantly look back and bring someone up with you, one at a time.

So when your folks say to you ‘always remember where you are coming from’ it’s not just a statement. It is a declaration of faith.  It is a word of prophecy. Will you take the challenge and fulfil it?

Remember, there is only one thing you can take to heaven; other people. People are priceless.

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The Colour of True Love

The Colour of True Love

Love is a decision. Emotions are exciting. They run high or low, they can come and go, but love remains. What is love and how do you show it? Yes, love has to be shown. There are foolish habits or behaviour that can break your relationship. On the other hand there are good habits that you can practise and enrich your love relationship. Here are a few of these make or break habits that can clear deception and bring a real sustainable love.

Love is a Commitment

Living together or co-habitation with your boy/girl friend is not marriage. If someone does not want to commit, then he/she does not truly love you. ‘Perfect love cast out fear.’ True love, from God, the God kind of love, has the courage to face fear and cast it out, and commit in marriage! ‘There is no fear in love [dread does not exist], but full-grown (complete, perfect) love turns fear out of doors {and} expels every trace of terror!’ [1 John 4:18 Amp]. If she or he says, ‘I am not ready to commit.’ The truth is that this person does not love you enough to drive out his or her fear and commit, that is, you are not worth the commitment. Most will say ‘I am waiting for the perfect moment.’ Perfect for who and for what? Real love is so powerful such that it can make ones’ world stop. In selflessness he/she can do anything to get a commitment.

Past Lovers

If you really love your spouse, why do you keep in touch with your past lovers? True love, the love that comes from God is single minded and leave no room for ‘just in case’ or second option or doubt. If you really love your spouse or fiancé, then prove it by getting rid of old relationships. Keeping in touch with past lovers is a sign of double mindedness and this usually threatens or can break your current relationship. The situation is made worse if these communications are done behind your spouse’s back. Dumping your former love will give you the energy to focus and enrich your spouse, building a stronger relationship.

Relatives and Extended Family Members

If you really love your spouse, why do your parents or brothers or sisters comes first. If you love him/her so much why is he/she not the first priority? Why do you make your family decisions with your parents and siblings? If you love your spouse so much why do you join your friends and family members to speak bad about your spouse? This is not the God kind of love, and it does not make sense. In simple terms the priority that you give your spouse is an indication of the depth of your love for him/her.

Love is Sharing

The God kind of love is not selfish, actually it is about giving and sharing. If you love your spouse that much, the money you earn is not your own. It belongs to you and your spouse jointly. The assets you have are not yours alone. All things are shared. If you love your spouse, why do you hide money from him/her? Is this how you want your spouse to treat you in return? Love is selfless.

Keeping Secrets

The way you share your lives shows a lot about your level of love for your spouse. Actions speak louder than word. If you really love your spouse, you will disclose all! Keeping secrets builds a false sense of trust, which is a risk to your marriage. How much are you hiding from the one you claim you love most?

Finally, If you really love him/her why do you do things that will hurt him/her? True love is genuine and truthful. It covers one’s faults and builds.

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The Journey Out of Bitter Betrayal


Trust that took years to build can be broken in seconds.

Some of you are married and committed. You trust levels are very high. Satisfaction is deep. For some couples, the sharp knife of betrayal is skinning you slowly and destroying all that you have built and fought for. Your darling has turned into the devil’s son.

Betrayal usually happens spontaneously. It can be in the form of a sexual relation, an emotional affair or some missing money. And as you look closer you uncover a long list of dark secrets that have been buried from you for years. Suddenly in shock and disbelief, your hard-earned perfect world crumbles right before your eyes as you stand helplessly.

Who do you tell? How do you say it? In rage you demand answers. You demand atonement, now! You want everything that has been lost. You rage, pray, call a friend, withdraw, cry, escape into sleep, on and on. Many people will express themselves in many other different ways, including fighting, destroying property and seeking a chance to revenge etc.

With time you gain composure and discovered that you both want to stay in the game. Hence you engage advisors and counsellors, pastors, friends and relatives to help rebuild and sustain this broken ship. Gradually rays of hope start to appear at the end of the tunnel.

Yes, you are going to make it. You are a survivor!

At this point you discover that there is still a lot of hard work to be done for your relationship to be restored to the former trust level, and former glory.

One of the bridges to be crossed is forgiveness. You have to forgive unconditionally, to bury the whole experience in the deepest sea, “as far as the east is from the west”; never to be visited again. It’s not easy.

However the permanence of your reconciliation depends on it. This is how our relationship with God was restored, by unconditional forgiveness and total banishment of our wrongs. How can you do this?

Your spiritual healing starts with genuine forgiveness. 

Your spiritual healing starts with genuine forgiveness. The best way of attacking you hurts is to expose them to forgiveness. You are not the first to take this road. Many have done it and never regretted the results. Forgiveness enables you to move on wiser, more forgiving, more loving, and closer to each other than you ever imagined.

Here are some essential steps that are critical for you to regaining control of your emotional balance, spiritual stability and, most importantly, the ability to move on in joy and peace.

  • Allow yourself to be angry. You have every reason. It’s healthy.
  • Grieve your loss. Let it take effect. It’s normal.
  • Reflect about what happened and how to move forward. It’s part of the healing process.
  • Also try to get in the shoes of the betrayer. It’s easier to process the situation if you see things from the other side.
  • Remember some people have forgiven you before. Now it’s your turn to forgive.
  • Move on. Be bold and confident because you and your spouse were extraordinarily brave. Not every couple is this strong, who can face the dragon of betrayal and overcome it.
  • Do not be afraid of what people will say. Yes, people always say something. It is you who is in this situation. Stand strong on what you believe.

There is a reward for such courage and spiritual maturity. Be proud of yourself because you have reflected the character of Christ of forgiving. I believe God is smiling at you.

There is no perfect marriage.

There is no perfect marriage. It’s always a journey with deep valleys and steep mountains to climb. However this is the most sacred covenant for humanity. It mirrors the relationship of sinful man and his holy God, being bridged by divine love and unconditional forgiveness.

You are a survivor! You have the God kind of love.

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When Your Career Plans Seems Not to Work

When your Career Plans Seems not to Work

What happens when the life you end up living doesn’t look like the one you planned?

You do not have to be a Christian to have a positive out look to your life, to look forward to a great fulfilling career. It is everyone’s dream to progress and be somewhere better in the future.

No matter how much of a pray warrior you are, career setbacks and frustrations come. At times major changes have to be made. Changes that will make you wonder if all this is God’s plan. The big question is, ‘How do we live in the pressure of having a sense of God’s calling and not seeing it come to fruition?’ What happens when our career plans are not planning out, but you are sure this is where God wants you to be?

No matter how much of a pray warrior you are, career setbacks and frustrations come.

After years of training and development followed by years of on the job experience, one would expect that the final direction is the ultimate divine course. As job challenges come, whether man-made, economic or natural, one tends to wonder if this was God’s direction in the first place.

You will start to question you capabilities and you dreams. You will be tempted to conclude that perhaps your personality does not fit your career. Looking back you will wonder if other alternatives were not the real courses to follow.

In these dry and terrible career times, the best is to look to God for answers.

In these dry and terrible career times, the best is to look to God for answers. And the waiting is painful. You pray and you wait with no answer. You wonder of God is really looking at you. Each morning you dread to go to work, to face the same ugly situation day by day.

Be inspired by the lives of Joseph, Moses, Abraham, and Nehemiah, men who for many years engaged in difficult work that seemed unrelated to their callings. On the other hand would you like to be building a great Tower of Babel outside God’s plan? It is better to stumble and fall in the right path than to flourish in the wrong direction.

God often use these rough career seasons to sharpen us and change our hearts. He wants you to grow to be the person He delights in. when the storms come, bow down to your knees.

It is better to stumble and fall in the right path than to flourish in the wrong direction.

Just be faithful where you have been planted. Do not allow the dark cloud in your career to darken your heart.

At the end of the day, you do not want to be anywhere else but where God wants you to be. This place is the key to your blessing, the key to your story!

Remember you are being sharpened.

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How To Live a living


Living Life

Many people do not know how to live. To live a life such that on the death bed you smile and say, ‘Wow. What a life! I don’t mind reliving it again, but for you guys I will see you on the other side.

Many people are born and they die without an idea on how to live in abundance, to the full, to live a fulfilled life, to live a life one is proud of.

For centuries we have focused on how to make a living and neglected how to live the living we have made.

Day by day, billions attend classes at schools and colleges, learning how to make a living but how many are proud of the living they had spends 15 years or more years making. But still year after year we continue to send more people to be trained, hoping that the outcome will be different.

It is not the number of years or length of life that matters, it is how much of it you lived.

Jesus lived just 33 years, but created an impact that goes beyond universe and time itself.

After learning to make a living perhaps the next step is to learn to live the living.

You may say ‘I have a lot of problems and challenge.’

To live your life is to live in abundance in the midst of challenges. To flourish in terrible situation, such that you became the source of life for those around you facing similar challenges.

We all know Mother Theresa, but few know Warren Buffet. But Warren Buffet is the number one all time richest on earth! And Mother Theresa, besides the fact that she is dead, she never owned anything. Contrary to Warren Buffet she was often found in sad, depressing and challenging situations, but as a source of life and hope.

And you are in a much more better situation!

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