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20 Resources for Creating Multiple Sources of Income

Resources for Creating Multiple Sources of Income

We all want to drastically increase our income and eventually become wealth. Here is an awesome list of resources that will assist you in creating multiple streams of income. It doesn’t matter what your personal financial situation looks like, you are sure to find something in this list that will help you create an extra stream of income or at least improve your income.  These resources are full of extremely useful ideas that can turn around your approach to increasing your income.

We spend one third of our total daily time at work in order to sustain and improve our livelihoods.  These ideas will surely make your life easier. For example by implementing some of the ideas, you can make passive income 24/7, even whilst you are literally in bed sleeping! Here is the list;

  1. Forbes 10 Top Smart Passive Income Tips From Expert Pat Flynn. – Flynn shared his top tips for getting started generating your own passive incom
  2. Great Passive Income Ideas – has over 40 ways for you to earn more money! This list of great passive income ideas is for you to try for yourself.
  3. Passive Income South Africa – Kashan Maharaj give practical ideas to start simple businesses and create multiple streams of income in South Africa.
  4. Use Guru.com to find freelance work of all kinds – The site has freelance job opportunities that can generate more income for you.
  5. Best Passive Income Streams & Opportunities – A big fat epic list of all the possible passive income streams.
  6. How not to get super-rich- the passive income scam – Techniques of the super-rich. Copy them.
  7. Huffington Post’s Top Ways to Create Passive Income – If you want to earn additional monthly income and start saving check out the top eight ways to create passive income listed.
  8. My Top Favorite Passive Income Methods –Top 5 passive income avenues.
  9. Geographic Location- How it Affects Your Wealth – Your potential to make extra income depends on your location. Here is how.
  10. Freelance Writing – Learn about and find freelance writing jobs.
  11. Multiple Income Streams: 10 Ways to Earn Extra Income – Generating multiple streams of income can have a major impact on your finances. Rob Berger gives few ideas to do just that.
  12. Earning Multiple Streams of Income – How to create additional sources of income in your home business.
  13. Millionaire Mommy Next Door – Story of a successful woman who operates her businesses from her home.
  14. Entrepreneur’s Steps to Create Multiple Streams of Income – Diversifying your income stream is crucial to protect yourself and your family against the unavoidable ups and downs of economic and industry cycles. Hal Elrod gives his ideas.
  15. Multiple Income Streams: How They Can Work For You – Simple steps to create multiple streams of income.
  16. Ways to Make Extra Money Using Social Media – Instead of wasting time on social media, start using it to make money.
  17. How I make Money Blogging – Discover the ways a top blogger makes money with his site. You can learn a few ideas.
  18. How to “Hack” Your Networking and Grow Your Income Using a Email Newsletter – Starting an email newsletter is an amazing way to grow your network, your business and your income, while actually minimizing the amount of time and effort you have to put into your business.
  19. Passive Income Ideas and Ways to Make Extra Money – Do you want to earn $100, $1000 — or even more — on the side? You can start earning extra income today with the help of this list of ideas.
  20. Top Five Sites For Frugal Living Newbies! – Consider reducing your expenditure and have extra money monthly. Here are the five sites with ideas that can help you do that.

Make a list of ideas that you can implement easily. Select your top three that line up with you situation and gifting and try them to see the outcome. You will be amazed.

Beware of get rich quick schemes. Sustainable wealth takes time and hard work to achieve.

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Forget the Past And Move On

Forget the Past And Move On.

How should we move forward when we carry a heavy burden caused by our a bad past? Our past has a tendency to cloud our current judgement and affect our performance. The past can hold us hostage or even easily misdirect us.

At times it’s the people in our lives who affected us negatively. We got disappointed because our expectations were not met. Perhaps they actually gave some positive contribution to our lives; we are here today because of them.

Maybe it was just natural situations that affected us negatively. There was no other way. At times the situation actually helped us to be better. Nevertheless we are here today because of the impact of the past, whether good or bad. 

You are here because of the past, but you can become who you want in the future based on what you do now!

Possibly we made unwise choices that brought terrible results and we hurt ourselves and our loved ones in the process. And also it’s possible our good choices made us better. You are here today because of you choices, whether good or bad.

What is required from you is that you use what you have now to go forward. Check and list the resources you have, the gifts and opportunities around you. Use them to go forward. You cannot use what you do not have!

“Don’t tell me what you cannot do, but tell me what you can do.”

Forget the past but look forward. Leave shattered dreams alone. Create a new dream. You are here because of the past, but you can become who you want in the future based on what you do now!

“Don’t tell me what you cannot do, but tell me what you can do.” Don’t tell me what you do not have, but tell me what you have, because your future is based on what you can do with what you have.

The parable of the talents in Matthew 25 explains it clearly. Everyone has something! Perhaps you can start by using your smile instead of being grumpy and miserable. Sow the small seed that you have instead of hiding it.

There is an annually national pageant to find Mr Ugly. The current Mr Ugly is a very fascinating man. Instead of complaining about his looks and how potential employer could not even allow him into interview rooms because of his looks, he saw that people are willing to pay him just because of his looks. Now he is building his career on it. What a remarkable man.

Do you look worse than Mr Ugly? I don’t think so.

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Movies that Inspired My Life

Movies that Inspired Me

Movies tell stories. In the old days story telling was one of the primary ways of inspiring and teaching people. Today it’s still the same. Here are a few movies that inspired me the most.

The Matrix

Neo [Keanu Reeves] started as an ordinary computer programmer and hacker but ended being the ‘One,’ a man prophesized to end the war between humans and machines.

From Neo I learnt that if you do not know the true value of something, then you will be short changed on every transaction. If you do not know who you are, actually if you do not believe in who you are, you will live in mediocre life. You will live in prison instead of the throne where you belong. You can do the impossible. Stretch yourself and be surprises by what you can do. The series continues in the next two movies The Matrix Reloaded, and The Matrix Revolutions.


Maximus Decimus Meridius (Russell Crowe) valued and prayed for his wife and son first daily, something to be noted. He remained dedicated to the truth and keeps having a good heart despite his betrayal. Although he was a slave (gladiator), the emperor feared him. Your gift will open doors no matter where you are put. You can rule from the prison.


I learned the ability to love regardless, to sacrifice for my wife even if she is against me or does not appreciate it. I realised that God rewards every act of kindness. In marriage, it’s not just about your spouse. It’s more about God. It’s a ‘contract’ of three people; God, my wife and I. Putting God into the picture gives a different perspective.


In the movie ‘300’, Spartan King Leonidas leads 300 Spartan soldiers to face the Persian “god-King” Xerxes who had an army of more than one million soldiers. Although they lost the battle, the courage of the 300 Spartan soldiers changed the history of the Greeks. They inspired the Greeks to win the war; but the following year.

If the enemy you are facing is bigger than you and you know that your opponent will not have mercy on you there is only one way to go; forward! Choose to lose in an honourable way. Make history in your loss. Make profit from your loss. Do not lose in vain. In such situations do not be short-sighted, see the future. Have the bigger picture in mind that your loss can change history.

The Bucket List

Make a bucket list of things you must do before you die. Live the life you want to live. Achieve the things you want. Do it one at a time. Do not keep procrastinating. There will never be a perfect time to live your dream. So, live it now!

Lord of the Rings

Just like Frodo Baggins, everyone, including you, is chosen. Everyone carries a burden to fulfil his or her calling. No one can carry your burden or vision, because it is yours. God put it in you for a purpose. The journey is long and is not easy. There will be temptations, betrayal etc. along the way, but remember that your calling is your responsibility. Hang around people who propel you towards your destiny, and on the other hand cut of negativity.

Which movie inspired you most?

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Declaration of Affirmation

Positive Affirmation

Below are words of affirmation by Robert Botha. Use them as you pray for yourself and your loved ones, declaring the word of God.

Christ the Word of God; ‘Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you…..’ The Spirit of God has made me, and the breath of the Almighty gives me life. For He formed my inward parts; He knitted me together in my mother’s womb. Praise Him, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well. My frame was not hidden from Him, when He made me in secret, intricately woven in the depths of the earth. His eyes saw my unformed substance; in His book is written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me. I did not choose Him but He chose me and appointed me that I should go and bear fruit and that my fruit should abide, so that whatever I ask the Father in His name, he may give it to me. For I am his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that I should walk in them…

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. … Every part of Scripture is God-breathed and useful one way or another—showing us truth, exposing our rebellion, correcting our mistakes, training us to live God’s way. Through the Word I am put together and shaped up for the tasks God has for me. For He has have turned my mourning into dancing; He has loosed my sackcloth and girded me with gladness. For the LORD my God is living in me. He is a mighty savior. He will take delight in me with gladness. With his love, he will calm all my fears. He will rejoice over me with joyful songs. Even the hairs of my head are all numbered. The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters. He restores my soul. He leads me in paths of righteousness for his name’s sake. Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for He is with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. He prepares a table before me in the presence of my enemies; He anoints my head with oil; my cup overflows. I fear not, for He is with me; I am not dismayed, for He is my God; He will strengthen me, He will help me, He will uphold me with His righteous right hand.

For I did not receive a spirit that makes me a slave again to fear, but I received the Spirit of sonship. Not only so, but we ourselves, who have the first fruits of the Spirit, groan inwardly as we wait eagerly for our adoption as sons, the redemption of our bodies.

He blots out my transgressions for His own sake, and He will not remember my sins. His hands fashioned and made me…He clothed me with skin and flesh, and knit me together with bones and sinews. He granted me life and steadfast love, and His care has preserved my spirit. For I am holy to the Lord my God, and the Lord has chosen me out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth. Amen.

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Let There Be Light!

Let There Be Light!

The world we live in is real. Christians generally expect the world to be a church or to be nice or to have a Christian behaviour, but no, it does not. It is the ‘world.’ Jesus warned us that ‘we will have trouble’ in the world.

The same with your beloved country, there will always be the bad part and the good part. If you follow world news, there is always a crisis or problem in every country. In USA they are saying Obama is bad. In India they are criticising the government for its poor response to flooding. In China it’s about people not being given voice. In Russia it’s Putin being in power for too long. I used to think that Brazil is perfect until I saw the recent protests. Even in the religious Vatican, we here of scandals. In Australia, it’s the immigration scandals. A few weeks ago, in Switzerland, banking scandals were unearthed, not to mention conflicts in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, America, Asia, actually every continent. These are the last days!

We find that perfection that humanity so desperately seek has actually never existed since the days of Adam.

So, problems are everywhere, home and away. If we look at history, we find a similar pattern that every generation or era had its own successes and issues. We find that perfection that humanity so desperately seek has actually never existed since the days of Adam.

In spite of all this, in ever y country, and eras you will find some few people thriving, with or without challenges. Who are these people? ‘I would like to be one of them.’

Perhaps what God really wants is different from what humanity desires and hopes for. Perhaps what God wants is not absence of the storm, or a kind of perfection. Perhaps what He wants is for you to thrive in the mist of the storm, to be the flower in the wilderness, to shine in darkness and to be the beacon of hope. In this way people will know that there is God who makes a difference.

There is a bigger picture, so big that the majority are always missing it.

Let’s not fear prophesies of doom and gloom. Let us not fear these calamities, because they come and go. We do not put our trust in the gold price, or financial performance or the quality of our leaders (just remember that we are on earth, there is no perfect leader). We put our trust in the God who appointed the leaders, the maker of gold, and platinum etc. If you are a child of God, ‘no harm shall befall you.’ And if it does, God will ‘cover you under His wings.’ There will be ‘light in the land of Goshen!

Just be where God placed you. Do what God has assigned you to do. There is a bigger picture, so big that the majority are always missing it. This bigger picture of your country (and the whole world) can only been seen by spiritual eyes.

Enjoy the rest of the week.

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Distinguished By Excellence

Distinguished By Excellence

By John Museredzo

God designed us to be excellent people. He created things and made a comment of their quality.  The word excellence is defined as the quality of excelling, possessing good qualities in high degree. The American Heritage Dictionary defines excellence as “the state, quality, or condition of excelling”; superiority. Excellence also means to excel in something and being better than or the best, very good of its kind, eminently good or first class. Excellence is about doing an ordinary thing in an extraordinary way.

Then this Daniel became distinguished above all the other presidents and satraps, because an excellent spirit was in him. And the king planned to set him over the whole kingdom. Daniel 6:3

How To Inspire Excellence

  • Discover your best: Who am I? What am I good at? What are my strengths and weakness? What are my interests? Are there any skills or subjects I am good at?
  • Think the best: You are what you Think bad and you are bad, think good and you are good. Think about your skill, your subjects’ grades, think about best grades. You were born a thinker. Many people in industry are paid to think.
  • See the best: Do you have a vision? What is your goal in class? You have to see yourself with the best grades. You are not an average student. Many people fail because they cannot see themselves being the best.
  • Communicate your best: Speak about big ideas, big grades at school, big games, big skills, big professions. The mouth is an opening to open doors. Utilize it and speak destiny.
  • Be your best: One of the benefits of being distinguished by excellence is becoming Be in the top ten. Every excellent person is an outstanding person. You need to put set standards for yourself so that you grow in excellence. Character and being: You have to have things you don’t do and places you don’t go [T.V, pornography]. Let us fight mediocrity in our families, academic field, businesses and professions. Mediocrity and being average are the worst enemies for excellence. Don’t settle for less or average even when average has been sugar coated to imply the best.
  • Love and desire the best: For one to be excellent he must love and desire what is best. It is the desire to excel which brings excellence. With an unwavering passion and a desire for excellence, all what we desire to be accomplished will become a reality. Excellence is a matter of choice and has its seat in the heart. It is a personal decision. This decision and quest cannot be quenched by anything. There is an inner drive and push inside to go on after uniqueness and outstanding dimensions. With this drive excellent people will not just conform to the general populist views and expectations. They are people of first class and attract favor wherever they go. It is the attitude of excellent people to purpose and hunger for the best in themselves. Their desire is to bring out the highest quality. They don’t stop where everyone stops.
  • Focus and aim on the best: That inner zeal to be an achiever mixed with an intense focus to release one’s potential is an opening to the world of excellence. This is because sometimes to have excellence, there must be sacrifice. You may have to give up to get up. Commitment is a key ingredient of success and excellence.
  • Do your best: People of excellence will be distinguished in whatever they do. Action is critical. You will never be a footballer until you start playing football. Spectators may have many ideas about football but until they themselves are football players they are never called footballers. Hard work is an investment to all who want to see excellence as a result in their life. It is a deliberate effort towards a given vision or dream. Do your homework and assignments so that you will achieve the best. Let us be unique and distinguished in whatever we do.
  • Develop your best: Make sure that you better your best. The power of practice is crucial in being an excellent. We should strive to be people of excellence. Go an extra Excellence does not come on silver platter or automatically but it is cultivated on a daily basis. Have continuous improvement because excellence is all about quality. An excellent attitude develops everything ending up on a higher level than the present. High achievers will look for a better way of doing things than the present. This quest for excellence will push them to high achievements.
  • Associate with the best: One truth in life is that you need to hook with people who are excellent if you also need to develop your excellence. Never live a life of limitation by choosing people who have a mediocre mentality. You are a high achiever.

Make a decision to pursue excellence. Rise up today, think and act in an excellent fashion.

Affirmation : “I am an excellent person. I do excellent things.”

About John Museredzo:

John Museredzo is a pastor, author and a motivational speaker. He is also the author of The Dream in the Wilderness and In Pursuit of The Calling. Send your feedback to motivatebusinessworld@gmail.com  or join him on Facebook, Google+ or Follow him on Twitter as @johnpastor1977.

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21 Lessons to Teach My Kids Before I Die

21 Lessons to Teach my Kids Before I Die

I once posted an article on ‘My Ten Rules.’ From these personal rules I thought that wouldn’t it be great for my children to base their lives on these. So, here are my ’21 Lessons I want to Teach my Children before I die:

  1. A life without a purpose is not worth living. A 100 year life is made up of minutes and seconds. Make every minute count. Live each minute with a purpose.
  2. Think sustainable, have the bigger picture in mind. Remember there is a bigger goal. Do not sell your future for a cup of soup.
  3. God first, your spouse second and then everyone else. This is the divine order, a key that open blessings.
  4. Opportunities are everywhere, waiting to be discovered. Open your eyes and see.
  5. Live a life of honour. You have to earn respect and a good reputation.
  6. You reap what you sow. This is the key to success, and failure as well. Take your life as a seed sown to the world. Your every action has a reaction. Direct your actions and set them in a way to create a reaction that propels you toward you destiny.
  7. Responsibility, accountability and integrity are priceless. These are the foundations of sustainable success.
  8. We all unique. We have unique callings and unique gifts. You have a unique position to fill. You are a unique contribution to the world.
  9. We are all equal in value. Even the smallest of all can change the future.
  10. Patience pays. Maturity and growth takes time. Many things are achieved in waiting. There is power in patience.
  11. Nothing can stop someone who has made up his/her mind. You cannot achieve something you do not believe. You cannot convince someone about something you are not convinced with.
  12. We are our biggest stumbling block. Stop blaming others.
  13. You never rise above your belief. Cultivate and develop your faith. Defend your faith with all your strength. Stay away from dream killers.
  14. Normally, the longest road takes you highest. Beware of get rich quick schemes and taking stupid short cuts. Short cuts have the highest risks but long roads are used to build solid foundations. And as you walk, there is enough time to learn and you grow as you rise higher.
  15. Nothing is for free, even if they say it’s free. Someone always pays or someone has already paid for it.
  16. You have to down the valley in order to climb the mountain. Success is not a stroll in the park. It is about effort, sowing and hard work. It is about making many mistakes and learning from each of them.
  17. Enjoy everyday life. Life is a journey, not a destination. Enjoy every moment of it. So enjoy the valleys and enjoy the mountain tops.
  18. Never use anyone for free. What goes around comes around. You act of kindness can unlock you next great opportunity.
  19. There is only one chance to make the first impression. Be prepared. You cannot relive your life. Give it the best shot every time.
  20. There is no sky to limit you. Records are made to be broken. You can do anything, yes you can. You have to believe it and do it.
  21. Be real. You are the only you in the whole world. Do not be who you are not.

I hope you took something from these lessons and that you will draw up your ‘Lessons to Teach your children before you die.’ Before you teach them to your children, first live these lessons.

Have a great day!

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How to Pray and Get Real Results Fast


Yes! What do you pray for? How do you pray? I ask this because what you pray for and how you pray matters!

The Bible says ‘… let your requests be made known to God.’ – Phil 4:6. The Amplified says ‘…continue to make your wants known to God.’ In other word let all be known to God, continually! This means when you pray, also pray for little things, and be specific.

Breakdown The Prayer Points

Don’t just pray for your job, but say what you want or even what you think. For example, ‘to work well with others, for joy and peace at work, for my project to finish on time etc.’

It’s okay to pray to be a great person, but also tell God your weaknesses. Break down your prayer into specific little things. This is how you ‘eat an elephant,’ piece by piece! That’s how you become great. Pray for your insecurity or that ‘God, I feel depressed or unhappy sometimes,’ tell Him that ‘my mind tends to wonder around’ or ‘I want to be a focus person.’ Open your heart to God!

Saying ‘I want to be a great person may not be answered immediately,’ but these small little things will be answered quite fast. And they are the little things makes a great person!

That’s why the Bible recommends prayer to be a private (Matt 6:6), because it’s an intimate conversation between a child and a father! God is the only person you can tell my mind and he always ready understands. After all He made you the way you are.

Set Your Environment Through Prayer

In a taxi/combi, if you are not happy with the atmosphere, what do you do? Pray for it and ‘let your request be known to God.’ Tell God ‘I want peace’ and cast out the vulgar atmosphere! Learn to control the situation with your faith instead of being cornered by evil as a victim. Use your faith to turn things around for your good.

Perhaps at a function when you are given a seat you don’t like, pray for the situation. And surprisingly, a terrific neighbour can come and sit next to you and turn around the atmosphere. Or someone can come and say, ‘Can you come and sit here.

Pray for all your relationships because relationships have a way of getting to your heart, and can hurt. This can be your marriage relationship, relatives, friendships and social media friends. Pray for your in-laws and people who you are in ‘strife’ with. Allow Gods to turn the strife and ego into valuing and respecting each other. So, pray for specific things you are not happy with and listen to God’s direction. At times you will be directed to extend grace so that you can receive that peace you desire.

We used to be taught to pray for one hour each day. But now, it was discovered that ‘praying every hour’ is more powerful. Be prayerful always, releasing you faith as you go. There is no point in having faith and not use it! Use it on yourself, use it on someone. When you are in a queue and it’s moving slowly, what do you do? Pray for the environment and the people standing with you. Carry with you a small Christian booklet you can read as you wait, instead of plunging into to negativity and complaining thereby choking your spiritual life.

This always happens. Satan stops the queue to frustrate you. And the moment you instead use the stoppage time to pray, he will quickly release you because you are doing more harm to him! So if ever you get stuck in a queue, instead of being sad, pray! Do not get into strife. Pray with all your faith and see what happens! 99% something good will happen!

Forgive and Receive

And if you have anything against anyone, forgive. Make peace with people. Unforgiveness hinders your prayers by bring a curse into your situation. Let go of those who offended you. Mind you, it is for your own good.

You will be amazed how Christians do not pray for things. Most times people say they want to do this or that, and if you ask ‘have you prayed about it?’ Most of the time, they do not even answer the question. No wonder they always get into problems and things seems not to work.

They normally say ‘You don’t understand the situation.’ Yes, I don’t but God does. If your situation is bad, I mean very bad, the best thing you can do is to involve God in it. Actually you would not be in the mess if you had consulted God in the first place and follow his guidance!

Many people do not want God to interfere in their situations, especially if there is a ‘green valley’ in sight (Gen 13:10-11). How foolish people can be!

If you want to succeed or to know the secret of true endless joy; committee and pray for everything as much as you can, especially if it’s something bothering you! Hear what God says about it and do it!

Stop Criticising And Judging, And Simply Pray

Instead of criticising, judging, pray for the situations. And the situations normally changes. If it does not change, it’s you who is changed or God will give you a divine understanding or revelation concerning the situation. One person asked me as a Christian what I think about president’s four wives and what the Bible says. I reply ‘I don’t have four wives. I have one wife. In the Bible many people also had many wives.’ The person was not happy with my answer because it did not create the strife he expected. Instead of wasting energy and drain your spirit arguing whether someone must have one or four wives, there are better productive things you can do to your life and people around you.

Another question people ask me is. What do you think about gay rights? Does it mean the world is ending? I always say. ‘As a Christian it does not really bother me. Actually this is not new. This behaviour was there in Bible times right in the book of Genesis. My aim is to make people know Christ. When they have Christ, He will tell them how to live. After all you Christians, you have got a lot of sins behind your back.’ As Christians our business is to change people not to condemn them. Condemnation does not change people but prayer does.

As a student, don’t just pray ‘I want to pass.’ That is everyone’s prayer.  But pray ‘give me the ability to understand, the ability to remember what I read and to be able to recall and present it in the examination.’ Pray for insight and revelation. Pray for time to be created to study. Pray for your lecturers, the college and other students. As you pray for your education, cast out ‘mind binding’ spirits/demons. These are demons that bind minds and cause people not to think clearly or in a God’s designed way. They cause dullness.

In Marriage Situation

For married couples, when the in-laws are at home or when you visit them, the tenseness and strife that clouds the visit can be broken by prayer. Pray for it instead of participating in the strife. If you find yourself urging with your spouse, take time out for a minute or two to pray a bit and hear God’s direction. You will be surprised when you come back to continue the discussion your spouse will be calm.

It is not about whose decision. It is about a ‘God decision.’ Husbands, you might be saying my wife does not even listen to me. Yes it’s true. Upgrade your authority by submitting to God. Hence, God will do the talking for you. If you think you can change you wife, I have one word – forget! It is God who changes people, mostly through your faith accompanied by your good behaviour. You are the leader, be the first to do what is right. Remove your stupid ego and be the first to submit to God. And she will follow. If she insists that she want the red dress, but you know you should save the money, then go to God about the matter. Strife won’t work. You will be surprised after you pray she will come back from shopping saying ‘All dresses I saw could not fit me. I think lets save the money.’ Now who is in charge here and who will be respected, it is you!  Prayer is the weapon that must be used effectively!

Finally put God first in all the situations. “If you run your life, God will not.” Put down your arms, start with the husband. Lay down your weapons and ‘fire power;’ and let God do the firing for you. You see, your spouse cannot blame you or accuse you because it’s ‘an act of God’! Let God do it!

Well, I ask again, ‘What do you pray for? How do you pray?

Have a great day!

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Taking Advantage of the Grace


Guest post byJonathan Buyala

Thou therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus. (2 Timothy 2:1 KJV)

This is an instruction from God to us; to be strong in the grace which is in Christ Jesus. Grace is a working, an effectual force in a Christian that empowers and supports a Christian to do the things that are usually impossible or hard to achieve. For example, living a life in righteousness is a huddle for some. On the other hand, those who have learned to walk in the grace of God find it much easier. Grace makes ministry easy. You do not tell stories of how life has been hard when you are taking advantage of the grace of God. God said to be strong in the grace WHICH is in Christ Jesus. Some people already know this, but the how is what they want to know. Here is how.

An understanding of the following scripture gives you the how.

Finally, my brethren, be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might. (Ephesians 6:10 KJV)

Here is the same verse in the Amplified Bible; ‘In conclusion, be strong in the Lord [be empowered through your union with Him]; draw your strength from Him [that strength which His boundless might provides].’ (Ephesians 6:10 Amplified)

To be strong in the Lord here is to be confident and to depend on his power. Someone might feel weak when some people want to attack him, but should he get a baseball bat in his hand, all of a sudden he is now confident. He now thinks he is no longer defenceless. The same principle applies here. Being strong in the Lord does not mean staying at home and doing nothing, it means doing something with the mindset and awareness of the effectiveness and offensive ability, the might of the power of God which is at work in you. When you do things with that awareness, then you are relying on that power, just like someone would rely and gain confidence because he has a baseball bat in his hand.

That is how you take advantage of the workings of God in you i.e. the grace of God. The apostle Paul talked about a working which worked in him mightily.

Whereunto I also labour, striving according to his working, which worketh in me mightily. (Colossians 1:29 KJV)

Well, the grace of God by the Holy Spirit is that working, and it works in all of us, when you take advantage of it. The Spirit of God does not push someone to work with Him, he only works in the openings you create for Him. Walk today with the awareness of a mighty one who “…worketh in you mightily” and you will yet see the power of God at work in you. The grace of God is not only for ministers, it is for everyday life: at the car dealership, at the market stall, in the banking hall, in the farm, everywhere. Once you are a Christian, you have this power available. Remember, grace and truth came by the Lord Jesus Christ.

For the law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. (John 1:17 KJV)

This grace is available to you by the Lord Jesus. Have you received him?

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About Jonathan Buyala:

Jonathan Buyala is a former cricketer who traded in the game for the call of God on his life. He believes the word of God is the only way to transform a person, community or nation. He is the founder of Ministry Christ Dawn. You can find them at www.christdawn.org, or follow them on Facebook.

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Why Not You, Why Not Now?

Why Not You, Why Not Now?

By Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was considered America’s foremost authority on success is also recognized as a world-renowned business philosopher and leader in the fields of motivation and personal achievement. Applying Jim Rohn’s valuable insights can empower and improve both your personal and business life.

In this video, Jim Rohn explores the subject of ‘Why’ and ‘Why not.’

You can click here or copy the following link to your browser; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7g-z14Th84

Enjoy the video. Dream big and take action!

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