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Why Not You, Why Not Now?

Why Not You, Why Not Now?

By Jim Rohn

Jim Rohn was considered America’s foremost authority on success is also recognized as a world-renowned business philosopher and leader in the fields of motivation and personal achievement. Applying Jim Rohn’s valuable insights can empower and improve both your personal and business life.

In this video, Jim Rohn explores the subject of ‘Why’ and ‘Why not.’

You can click here or copy the following link to your browser; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x7g-z14Th84

Enjoy the video. Dream big and take action!

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How to Work With God


How to Work With GodHow should you work? How can you perform better and be more productive? How can you be passionate in something that you do not really like? Maybe let me go back to the beginning and also using local examples.

Mostly in developing countries, we are forced to choose certain courses or career paths because of need or lack. If your man challenge is financial and this has been for generations, you are likely to choose a career that can quickly take you out of poverty. Young people often have to take up either employment or training with the aim of taking care of family needs. This can be at high school, college or university level. One has to choose a path that give income as much as possible and as quickly as possible. However this is may not be the best course of action.

Hence, you find yourself at work doing what you do not really enjoy. But you got to do it because you need the money and because you just found yourself in it. This has a tendency to demotivate high achievers, which can escalate into social problems.

You may start with any choice, but over the years one must drift from just a job, to the job you were born to do. This might mean taking a step back and go back to college to study a transition or bridging course to turn around the career path.

People tend to perform best in their area of passion. Hence find areas of your passion.

But if the area you are is not what you like, what do you do? You do not have to like what you do. Even in the Bible, we find people who did not like their callings. But they still obeyed God. As a result God blessed them. Pray for God to give you the passion to work in that ‘hostile’ environment. He knows why you are there. It’s all part of the plan. Work with God!

God can open an opportunities for you. Do not spend your time criticizing the boss and complaining about the working condition. Sweet-talking your boss on the face and badmouth behind the back.

Here are the three key tips that can help you stay in the plan of God even if you do not like the job:

  • Work with God. Be prayerful as you work, seek favour and clarity of mind to notice opportunities and lead you to the right tasks, contacts etc.
  • Seek to be the best or master of your field by doing extra studies and research, Google etc. Position myself as ‘the man to see’ in your field.
  • Finally, stay positive regardless of how ‘you think’ you are performing. God has the final word in your life and in your work, not the boss.

Keep believing that God controls my life regardless of how people think or say you perform! Your best effort is the ‘God effort’ that He wants from you.

Do your best at work! But do not kill yourself on it!

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The Asset

The Asset

One day a poor farmer was moving around in the farm doing his business when he came across his lovely goose. Upon looking he saw that the goose had laid an egg that look like gold. He threw it away wondering what is was, but on second thought he picked it up and took it to town to be tested. Well, he found out it was pure gold!

Next morning he went to his dear goose, only to find another golden egg, and took the egg. Every day he started to pick golden eggs daily. With time he became very rich. And as he grew richer so did his greediness.

One day he said to himself, ‘if I can kill the goose and reach inside and get all the golden eggs at once.’ He went on to follow his plan, only to discover that there was not a single egg inside the goose.

Now what is the story all about? The goose is your marriage relationship or asset and the golden eggs are the benefits or products. This situation happens in relationships, business, work life etc.

If you focus and get concerned with the golden eggs and neglect the asset, soon you will not have the products. At the same time if you get concerned with the asset only and not get the benefits, a time will come when you won’t have any motivation to maintain the asset. Actually you may end up asking yourself why you are maintaining the asset.

In my words I would say ‘keep the asset happy and you will have a golden egg every day.’

Many people neglect to maintain the asset and eventually lose their marriage, relationship, business, etc. In short, if there is something you are getting benefits from, keep that thing happy! And you will be happy for a long time.

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‘Lord I Need a Miracle’


There are physical laws and spiritual laws. Both were put in place by God to govern the universe. There are also human laws, which God expect men to put in place and operate. All these laws can benefit us or can be a liability depending on how we relate to them, whether you are a Christian or not. Laws apply to all.

Jesus did not live by miracles but by faith. That’s why he did not raise from the dead every dead body he met. Neither did he walk on water every day, nor did Peter fish for money each time they want to pat tax. Paul was a professional tent maker during ministry period, until he was imprisoned,doing physical work for a living. Jesus’ mission was and is to ‘give life in abundance’ (John 10:10); that is, here on earth and also in heaven.

According to Deuteronomy 28, prosperity comes through obedience. This includes working hard, paying, believing, giving, honesty etc. Full obedience results in full blessing. You cannot be lazy or ‘miracle’ your way into sustainable prosperity or wealth. Neither can you buy a miracle.

In each of the areas of obedience there is a physical component to obey and a spiritual aspect to obey. That’s why unbelievers also have lots of wealth. They just obey the physical laws and get it. You cannot pray for money to rain on you. It might happen once, but it can surely not be a way of life.

You are not Elijah, nor the widow of Zarephath. You are you. And God deal with you as you. Find out how God want to deal with you.

Human laws have to be obeyed. For example, if you find people working in the street and you join them, at the end of the day you will have nothing. You are not employed there. You will not be paid because you did not follow the employment laws or processes. The same applies in agriculture. You prepare fields, sow and maintain before harvest. The seasons and laws of nature were put in place to benefit humanity. If you violate natural or physical laws you will surely ‘reap what you sow’ (Ephesians 6).

Because of man’s sinful nature, the majority choose the ‘lazy road’, expecting to reap without sowing, expecting to reap a lot out of a tiny seed, expecting to just pray for a harvest to appear. Men generally do not want to be responsible, but that was not God’s plan. Adam had a good job in the Garden of Eden, until the fall. After that man became lazy, irresponsible and always looking for a quick fix instead of being diligent and responsible, looking for a ‘God fix.’

When you give, give according to God’s instructions. Obey the physical laws and obey the spiritual laws. There are priorities that must be consider and not be violated, budgets to be made etc. You violate these laws at your own peril. For example, when a person is hungry it is a physical condition not a spiritual need. Physical laws say the solution is food, not prayer!

Now, about ‘living by faith,’ apply faith in everything you do. It can be your work, your giving, etc. Stop strife! Forgive and love your brother or sister. Do good to those who hate you. Show respect and notice those being ignored and mistreated. As you do this, you will start to find yourself ‘living your life in abundance.’

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Family and Relative Economics

Family and Relative Economics

This is a follow up article to Are You ‘Sharing Poverty.’ It has thoughts and insights that can transform your views on caring for your relatives and loved ones.

Very close family relationships can either build you financially or drive you broke, because our relationship bonds tend to cloud our judgement on financial decisions. It takes great wisdom, discernment and discipline to resist the temptation to over spend on those who are closer to our hearts. However if one has to be successful economically you have to apply wisdom and care.

Three Categories of Needs

There are three classes of general needs; 1) Basic needs, that is, food, shelter and security. 2) Luxury needs which one can do without, and 3) Empowerment needs, that is, ones at the end make the person more productive or self-reliant. Our expenses fall into these classes.

The way we treat the people under our care revolve around two ideologies. The first ones says, ‘I grew up in poor environment. We suffered a lot. My brothers and sisters (or children) must not suffer as well. So I will continue to help them no matter what, and they do not have to work hard because I did it for them. I will make sure they live the life that I wish I lived.’

On the other hand one might say ‘I grew up in poor environment. We suffered a lot. My brothers and sisters (or children) must be empowered and work hard so that they will not suffer as well. So I will empower them so that they become self-reliant. I have to work hard and live the life that I wish I lived.’

Relative Economics Humour

Here is some humour to make it easier to understand;

  • Economic Out Patient (EOP) is a term used in the Millionaire Next Door. It is a situation where by an adult person in the working age group is constantly financial supported by another person. The person or persons have no disability but require support for food, clothing entertainment and other consumables. In most cases the individuals do not work or have ‘low income.’
  • A star’ is a self-motivated resourceful individual who has the ability to multiply economic resources. For example if you send him/her to find a job, not only will he/she come with the job, he/she will also report that he is already in friendship with the manager and knows where he stay etc. These individual always make life better for themselves and others.
  • A ‘dead horse’ is a person who no matter how much motivation or resources you put, he/she will not produce much. They always find a reason why each attempt failed. In most cases they behave like clever character. Many of the reasons seem to be reasonable, and they normally blame the environment and not him/herself.
  • Deep hole’ is a situation created by a ‘dead horse’ after draining all the financial resources from others.
  • Sharing poverty’ (vs empowering) is a situation where economic productive individual consistently share their earnings with unproductive adult individuals (in working age group) on consumables to the point that the productive persons standard of living is compromised. Often the productive persons use resource meant to improve him/herself to meet the needs of the unproductive person. At the end both are worse off than before.

The idea is not to stop supporting a ‘dead horse’ but rather be aware of the status. Perhaps you may decide not to continue giving the dead horse premium ‘stock feed’ but instead give to ‘low grade’ so as to save resources. It is true that no matter how much economic resource that you put into certain persons, they may not achieve as you expect. The quicker you accept this fact, the earlier you will realise the need for a change of approach. In life our levels of gifting, intelligence and wisdom varies in different areas.

Family is Part of Your Calling

You can choose friends, jobs, teams etc, but not family. God appointed them for you. Hence your family is part of your calling. As you accept this, God will give you the grace to be a blessing to them. Seek peace with extended family. As you do it, do not lose you peace. Your personal peace is priceless.

For couples; put up economic and social systems to handle your family as well as extend family. And be mature enough to be consistent in your approach to different relatives. The systems should reflect your values, goals and environment, and be fair. Adjust the system with time. Accept your limitation. With time the systems will define your culture and identity. As a couple if everyone does as they want, or through force, economic success is surely not coming your way. At times compromise, maturity and enlightenment are needed to put up fair and effective systems in a family.

And When It’s Party Time

As far as friends and relatives are concerned, know that they have a right to have a big party without inviting you. Know that when they win lotto, they may not share a cent with you. Even if you share your heart and lungs with them, remember that each individual is independent. These days ‘blood is getting thinner than water.’

On this sobering thought, we end here today.

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Faith Can Be Seen Because Faith Is An Expression


Guest post by Jonathan Buyala

Welcome back to yet another teaching on faith. In the teachings before this one, we said that faith without action is dead. In other words without a corresponding action, you cannot say that you have faith. If you say air transport is a good means of travel and then not use it, then you do not believe it really. You do not have faith in that means of transport. If you believe a chair is safe, you will sit on it—that is the corresponding action. If on the other hand you say the chair is safe but are afraid to sit in it, then you do not believe. Fear and doubt do not work where faith is operating. If you doubt the safety of the chair, or fear that you might actually fall, then you actually do not believe.

The example above is just one of many, but when we look into our lives, we can see where we doubted the things we thought to be true, or feared that ‘it might not work.’ When you see where you got it wrong, then you know where to start. In the bible there are many examples of expressed faith, like the woman with an issue of blood, the centurion who had a sick servant, the Samaritan woman and others.

Today we want to deal with the story of the man on a stretcher. His friends carried him to a meeting where the Lord Jesus was teaching. The place was full and they couldn’t get in through the crowd. So then they decided to go through the roof.

 And it came to pass on a certain day, as he was teaching, that there were Pharisees and doctors of the law sitting by, which were come out of every town of Galilee, and Judaea, and Jerusalem: and the power of the Lord was present to heal them. (18)  And, behold, men brought in a bed a man which was taken with a palsy: and they sought means to bring him in, and to lay him before him. (19)  And when they could not find by what way they might bring him in because of the multitude, they went upon the housetop, and let him down through the tiling with his couch into the midst before Jesus. (20)  And when he saw their faith, he said unto him, Man, thy sins are forgiven thee. – Luke 5:17-20

Notice Jesus’ response. The bible says He saw their faith. Well, what did Jesus see—is faith physical that it can be seen? Jesus did not see some mysterious creature in the spirit realm, he saw their faith. He saw their actions as a result of their believing. So many people were in that room, and many of them has issues to deal with, but the disciple Luke does not document any of then getting healed, he documents this particular group. Notice the bible says Jesus saw ‘their’ faith, not just his faith. They all had faith that the man would be healed. They believed and they acted on their believing by bringing the man to Jesus. That is why faith is an expression. It has to be expressed in words or in action. You cannot say something and not have action in the same direction and then call that faith. If you believe, you will act like it is so. If you believe that the job is yours, then you will go for the interview dressed like it is yours, you will take to them like it is yours, you will present yourself like it is yours.

Take this principle and apply it in your life, then see the power of God work for you. Remember Jesus saw their faith and acted on it. Jesus is today waiting for you to act on your faith, and he will respond to it.

Grace, mercy and peace to you all. Amen.

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About Jonathan Buyala:

Jonathan Buyala is a former cricketer who traded in the game for the call of God on his life. He believes the word of God is the only way to transform a person, community or nation. He is the founder of Ministry Christ Dawn. You can find them at www.christdawn.org, or follow them on Facebook.

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This is Your 2015 Identity


“I am the Vine; you are the branches. Whoever lives in Me and I in him bears much (abundant) fruit. However, apart from Me [cut off from vital union with Me] you can do nothing.” [John 15:5 AMP]

This verse simply means that Christians have the same Spirit DNA as Jesus. As the branches, we have the same spiritual root and spiritual structure.  Now on the other hand Jesus is the son of God. Hence a DNA test of any Christian will link you and Jesus your father. At Ephesus they started to call the followers of Jesus Christians. The name Christian reinforced the fact that Christians are of Christ.

“I and the Father are One.” [John 10:30 AMP]

If Jesus is one with the Father, it means we are one with the father as well in the spirit. And if you go back in Genesis, at creation Adam was made in the image of God. There was part of God in him.

After the fall of man, the image of God in man was distorted. However through Jesus Christ it was restored to the followers of Christ.

As a Christian, what was/is in Jesus is also in you today. The spiritual life of God is flowing in you. Your spiritual make up or composition is the same as of Jesus. The kingdom of God is not about academics, democracy or politics; it is about power/faith, righteousness/right standing in the Holy Spirit. So it is spiritual.

As you stand praying to day, stand on this word and promise. Know that the one who is in you is greater that your situation. You have the life of God.

This year, do not allow the enemy to convince you otherwise. You are much stronger than what you think. You are greater than your situations.

It’s My Footprint wish you the most prosperous new year ever!

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How to Make 2015 Resolutions That Actually Work

How to Make 2015 Resolutions That Actually Work

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Linda woke up this week in the morning and stares at the mirror. “Oh my God. Am I really that fat?” she said to her husband. “Jack, I swear this new year I’m gonna lose weight! I can feel that 2015 is my year.”

And then she went on to update her Facebook status, bought a copy of a How to Lose Weight Without Effort, and goes to the gym three times in January 2015. The end of the story!

The same conversation is repeated again end of December 2015. And by the way, poor Jack is fade up with this annual weight lose conversation. As a good husband he has no choice but to support.

Does your new year resolutions end up just like Linda’s?

Each New Year we sent each other best wishes for the year. Many people hope that the New Year will be better than the previous. This year, 2014, in January you also made some New Year resolutions. Things you want to stop doing and things you want to start doing. Some of you even take time to reflect and pray for the New Year. There is nothing wrong with all this. This is a great attitude.

But I always wonder if all this effort produces the desired results. I wonder if each New Year turns to be a better year. Think about it seriously. Year after year many people do this. Many people religiously make resolutions to do this and that. If these things were really working then each year was going to turn out to be better for each one of them. Isn’t it? Why is it we always come back, I mean 90% of the people, to the same point; ‘a bad year.’ It’s rare to see at the end of the year someone saying ‘What a good year!’

You see, every year is exactly the same, 365 days made of minutes. If you want to change the year, change what you do. It does not matter whether you have 122 resolutions or if you gold plate them to the wall right at the front door. What you do ‘each minute of the year’ makes the difference. Especially the things you can make decisions on. So, do not look up somewhere for a good year, make one! Make 2015 a great year by taking the advice below on ‘How to Make 2015 Resolutions That Actually Work.’

Ladies and gentlemen, make 2015 the best year of your life. You need to make life happen, not life happen to you. But first you need to know and believe beyond doubt that you are in charge of your life. The power of life and death, failure and success, to live the lifestyle you want, to have inner fulfilment, to live your dream and conquer, is from within and is within reach. Do not allow other peoples systems to run your life – economic systems, social systems, political systems or financial systems. Do not be a victim. Take over your life and turn these systems to work for you, instead of against you.

Life Does Not Just Happen.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.-  Abraham Lincoln.

In order to carry out you calling successfully in 2015, you need to manage your life. Life does not just happen. You have to plan your life, organise your life, lead yourself and have monitoring and control measures.

Remember your resolutions consider balancing. A good balance includes career/business, family, health, spiritual, finance, networks/friends, fun /holiday, physical, mental, mental/intellectual, training/development, social, and mentors/advisors.

The two common characters of ‘super-achievers’; 1) relentless commitment to constant learning and 2) have detailed clear goals, with a plan of action on how to achieve them. No matter how much passion you have, if you do not have a clear plan of action you will end up going in circles. After ten years you will find yourself right where you started, just like Linda.

How to Make 2015 Resolutions That Actually Work

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Here are some critical steps and points on How to Make 2015 Resolutions That Actually Work:

  1. Have a purpose or vision or aim. Make it quantifiable. Do not just aim to ‘lose weight’ like Linda but aim to ‘lose 10kg by December 2015.’ Specific!
  2. Assess your current position. Know where you are and the state of your situation.
  3. Develop and list the steps or goals that must be taken to reach the vision.
  4. Setting goals is not about writing a “wish list” in January and stick it on the fridge or wall, and for the rest of the year wait for your life to change. Your plan must be crystal clear. Draw a map of exactly how you are going to get there. Put management and control systems necessary to operationalize your plan, to keep you on track, to measure and monitor performance.
  5. Identify your resource. What resources; finance, networks, friends, skills, mentors or time does it require? Allocate these to each goal. Most times you have to spend a lot of effort and time developing a skill that will then take you to your final purpose. Go ahead and do it. This is a life purpose, it won’t happen in a day.
  6. Do a cost-benefit analysis. As you put up the plan constantly do a cost benefit analysis. Of course choose a route that gives you maximum benefit with minimum effort. But it’s rare to find such a route. Some benefit or efforts are short term others are long term. Identify the risks, things to watch out for and obstacles along the way. Identifying them is not good enough, put in a plan to deal with them. This is called risk management.
  7. In the same way list the benefits, rewards and advantages that you will harvest along the way. These are important to motivate you in days when things are not good.
  8. Finally, fit in the ‘motivational pressure.’ Something that will make you not turn back on you goal. If you want to lose weight? Sign up for a marathon like the comrades in 7 months in an exciting foreign country, and book the non-refundable flights and accommodation now. Of if you want to really go on holiday, set the date and pay a non-refundable deposit.

Don’t jump on Facebook to announce your new year resolution. It gives you a short term ego buzz now (“Look at me! I’m so awesome!”) but does nothing to change your behaviour. If you want to engage friends, be real. Do not make it a show.

Most of all wishful words alone will get you there. Nearly everyone fails their new year’s resolutions. Just saying words doesn’t make a thing happen.

Ensure that your support systems are in plan; the right associates, the right advisers and the right mentors. Your environment matters! In short, create the right environment that supports the achievement of your new year resolutions!

‘For which of you, wishing to build a farm building, does not first sit down and calculate the cost [to see] whether he has sufficient means to finish it?’ Luke 14:28

I wish you the most awesome and prosperous new year ever!

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It’s My Footprint 2014 Reader Survey

It’s My Footprint 2014 Reader Survey

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Six Types of Awful People You Do Not Want To Hang Out With

Six Types of Awful People You Do Not Want To Hang Out With

Guest post by Anonymous

No matter where you stay, you are bound to bump into negative people. People who can tarnish your image, discredit your credibility, neutralise your authority, and suck life out of you. These are the people you should try to avoid, or learn how to handle.

In the previous post we discussed the ‘Six Types Of Great People You Must Hang Out With’ as the Dreamer, the Mentors, the Insiders, the Social Media Masters and the IT Guru. Now let’s look at the six types of people you should constantly be on the lookout for, so as to avoid them if possible. At times one has to find ways to live with them.

Here are the six types of people I watch out for, and you should as well:

  • The Unscrupulous Character – This is a bad influencer who has pipe dreams. These people always seem to have an ‘idea,’ a ‘shortcut’ or a ‘get rich quick’ strategy. It may be appealing to my long-term plan, but a closer look into their personal life will show the truth. They always try to turn me onto unorthodox and dirty tactics. The solution is always stick to your guns and don’t give these people a chance to infect your mind, strategy, or your sense of pride and honour. Some of these bad influencers are just ignorant.
  • The Epic Complainer – I do not like a complainer. Traveling in packs, epic complainers are thrilled to share their negative, pessimism and anything to kill a positive mood. They appear on social media sites arguing and sharing their negative beliefs like it’s their role in life to play the dubious devil’s advocate or seeking out rare exceptions to prove you wrong. The toxicity of epic complainers will turn any bright dream into a nightmare. I don’t try to argue with epic complainers – I cannot win. I always walk away from such people before they infest me with their depressing ideas. How do you deal with epic complainers?
  • The Spammer – I really believe that you deserve respect and a good reputation. The spammer always end up annoying your audience and dilating my voice. They sent junk mail and try to spread it to my connections. They spread my contact details all over without either my consent or respecting my privacy. They spread so called warnings, rude jokes and profane jokes. Such people I disconnect or at most times firstly express my opinion about their messages. Some of these people send me messages which they want to force me to spread so that I can get a ‘blessing.’ At times the messages threaten that if I do not forward the message to ‘7 people’ I will be cursed. I always find this insulting. How about you?
  • The Persistent Vendor – You have seen businesses and websites that always seem to want nothing else but your money. The persistent vendor is a greedy person who encourages this behaviour, salivates at pyramid schemes and will overprice average products while failing to deliver quality content. This type of networker has a burning desire to use your money to advance his or her financial interests and does not believe in offering anything for free. Their ‘greatest’ advice is ‘instead of doing this for free, you can make a lot of money by selling this.’ They do nothing for free! If they give you something for free, they will force you to pay on the next. These people are onto my pocket. They always want to sell me something. That is their first impression. This at times put me off because I want to connect with you, not your products. Do you have persistent vendors around you?
  • The Dirty Minded Addict – This group believe that the world revolves around sexual fantasy and relationships, and they are attracted to and search for groups with profanity. All their comments are on looks, relationships and sex. By their comments you wonder what other business they are excellent at. They join groups and connect fast to other dirty minded addicts in the name of fun. However this type of behaviour suck their energy and creativity, drawing them into mediocre lifestyle or bottom feeders. With this kind of lust, one cannot live a very productive life. Once in a while they send me funny jokes or story, which I always replying by first by warning them that I do not appreciate such messages. And if they continue sending them unfriending or blocking will be the next step. That is why before I accept a friend request I check if the person is real and is not a dirty minded addict.
  • The Religious Freak – This group of individuals are so much disconnected from reality such that they live in their own world. They answer every question about their personal life with a Bible verse. Some have excluded themselves from churches or any leadership based on a verse. Others force you to like their Facebook status and if you don’t they threaten you using Jesus. They have already fixed the date when the world will end, they know the name of the antichrist. Beware of these people because they will do more harm to you than good, by making you doubt your personal faith.

The best way is to steer clear of the above characters. They will only push negative expectations and they give feedback that will stifle your successes.

Surround yourself with the right crowd who will lift you higher! Your connections are the environment that you live in. They shape your life and they shape your future. Remember it is better to have empty basket than to have a basket full of rotten tomatoes.

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